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Glacern Machine Tools Great Customer Service Shoutout

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  • Glacern Machine Tools Great Customer Service Shoutout

    I just wanted to praise GMT, so often we hear the negative about vendors/suppliers but not so much when they go above and beyond in customer service.

    Late last November, I bought a "scratch-n-dent" 6" vise during their Black Friday Sale that I found out about here. When it arrived, it had a few more issue's then scratches and dents, so I took pictures and emailed them to Dave, within 12 hours he had a brand new vise on the way to me, and told me to keep the old one as it was not worth shipping the old one back.

    Fast forward to today (Saturday) at about 6:20pm EST, I was doing taxes and could not find a receipt/invoice for the vice, so I sent a email asking if the could help at all, and at 6:47pm EST I received a reply from Dave with my invoice attached in PDF form.

    Talk about great customer service! I just cannot say enough about Dave or GMT, the products are super high quality as well.

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    Originally posted by kennyd4110 View Post

    Talk about great customer service! I just cannot say enough about Dave or GMT, the products are super high quality as well.
    Based entirely on what I read here and other fora I've been a big fan of GMT for the reasons you mention among others. But I've never been a customer. I'm going to change that today and buy some tools I've been lusting for for some time. I'm even going to replace a perfectly good vise with another perfectly better vise and get some end mills. Thanks for the inspirational shout-out.

    Edit: Nice discounts going on there (March Madness). Even after shipping I slipped $80 into my pocket. I did pass on the endmills because the inserts cost more than my 10 year budget for HSS blanks.

    Update 1: Got an email earlier today the vise has shipped. It's Sunday. I thought I was the only one who worked on Sundays . Pretty cool.
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      It's nice to read about a positive customer experience. The old saying is that a dissatisfied customer will tell at least ten other people while a satisfied customer only tells 1. Here you can reverse the statistic and more. I should mention I had a similar experience with Little Machine Shop some years ago.
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        I too have had great service from LMS. No nonsense and fast shipping.

        Another i have had great service from is KBC tools in Toronto, knowlegeble staff, super fast same day shipping, great service.


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          Do buy one of glacerns keyless chucks. they are awesome, run VERY true, come with a pinwrench for opening them should they get 'stuck' (they rarely do, and only while drilling with insane torque, like 2hp at 80rpm)
          My only reget is not buying another for my lathe tailstock.

          One downside however, if I dont' tighten them REALLY well, the deacceleration from my mill stoping from above 900rpm will sometimes cause the chuck to loosen and the drill bit to fall out.
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            The vise arrived today - very well made and it's not just a little attractive. The inspection sheet reads like a fine book. The workmanship is far ahead of the existing vise which happened to come from Grizzly. I may keep it on the mantle