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Sheet Metal Brake ideas.

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  • Sheet Metal Brake ideas.

    Anybody have any ideas on some plans for a sheet metal brake? I have some pieces of rather heavy angle iron (5" x 1/2") from some microwave dishes we took off the tower. Got to thinking that it might be a nice basis for a 24 - 36 inch brake.

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    I have a homeade 6' brake made from commercial snow plow cutters. It has a pipe that flips up so you can either make sharp bends or flip the pipe up & make 11/4"radius bends. It also has an electic beader that you swing out when needed to roll beads in the panels or flanges on the edges, I bought it from a retired race car builder & it's way overbuilt & works as well or better than anything "store bought". It's kind of buried or I'd get pics.
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      Check out my small sheet metal brake as shown in the Home Metal Shop Club site. It was made from scrap.