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Question on use of Kuhn Radius angle dresser

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  • Question on use of Kuhn Radius angle dresser

    Good day fella's-
    I have been offered a good deal on a Kuhn Radius / angle dresser.
    I examined it today. It was in its original box, with about a paragraph of instructions stuck to the inside lid. It is in fantastic condition, and appears to have all parts. It even still has the spare lense taped inside of the box.
    I get the gist on using the radius dressing portion, but the angle dressing escapes me. I understand how to center the point, set it up for the angle you want to dress using the vernier, gage blocks etc.
    What I don't understand is how you traverse the diamond point over the wheel at the angle to want.
    I have used the common 'Last Word', Threadwell types of dressers but this Kuhn isn't making sense to me dressing an angle.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Duke Reno / Yankee Metallic Metalcraft

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    You loosen one or both of the side locks on the cross slide that holds the diamond and moves it back and forth under the wheel.


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      So you physically grip the end, close to the diamond, just fraction of an inch from the spinning grinding wheel and traverse it with your fingers?
      Duke Reno / Yankee Metallic Metalcraft


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        Yes. You grip the ends of the diamond holding block and move it back and forth.

        Be careful.