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  • Walter face mill!

    I bought a Walter face mill recently. It is a F4033 It has eight inserts and is 63mm in diameter. I am using WKP 35S grade inserts.

    This face mill is incredible!!!!! I set up a piece of steel 100mm x 40mm x 50mm on the mill. Taking a full width cut 2.5mm DOC off the 40mm face along the 100mm axis. 900 RPM with feed rate of 820mm/m! I have never heard such a sweet sound come off my mill.

    The cutter flying across the material with chips coming off perfect. I wanted to keep making passes just to listen to the sound and look at my big smile in the mirror on the face of the material!

    I have a lot of material to face and this mill is going to save me so much time.

    So any of you that need to do a lot of facing I would definitely consider this face mill from Walter. It is now my most favorite tool in my shop.

    Have any of you used one of these mills?
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    I have a 2" F4041 with four inserts, I love it.


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      I also have a F4041 80mm. It is a shoulder mill and is also a great cutter. I don't know why but the inserts seem to last forever! If you get a chance try one of these F4033 for a 45° face mill. Unbelievable is all I can say.
      How to become a millionaire: Start out with 10 million and take up machining as a hobby!


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        45degree facemilling = Chip thining + half the cutting force upwards = awesome. Also more gradual engagement on an interrupt cut. More inserts are going to make it even smoother.

        Speaking of timesavers, don't forget those ulgy looking wavy tooth 'roughing' endmills for serious side milling remove. They leave a reasonable finish pattren as the waves on each tooth are offset, but man do they ever chew steel/aluminum/anything and do it with a pleasent sound from your mill. very low stress with the more gradual cutter engagement.
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          Video or it never happened.

          I wanted to convert your numbers to inches so I'd have a better visualization of the speed and feed.

          2-1/2" diameter @ 900 rpm = 589 sfm cutting speed
          .0986" d.o.c. x 1.574 w.o.c. @ 32.28 i.p.m. / 8 = .0044" per tooth feed rate = 4.89 cu. in. per minute material removal rate, probably pulling 3.9HP cut.

          Very nice!
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            All the top name brand face mills will cut like that with the appropriate inserts. Walter is definitely one of the top name brands. Face milling is one place you can really tell the best from the cheapest. Congrats on your find BF!


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              That cutter isn't like the majority of 45؛ face mills. Most of those use positive screw-down or clamp-down SPGT, SEHN or similar inserts. That cutter uses screw-down negative rake SNGX or SNMX inserts. Those are square with a high-positive top form so they are effectively a positive rake cutter, and the inserts can be flipped over. That doubles cutting edges from 4 to 8. The cutter and inserts generally cost more, but the payback is in cost per edge or cost per part made.
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