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  • OT, StartNow

    Anyone know how to get rid of the StartNow redirect malware on Chrome?

    My wife's laptop is infected with it, and it seems to be well hidden. I've tried Malwarebytes, and Anvi Smart defender, both of which were touted as being able to remove StartNow. Neither of them finds it. I don't know what to try next. Thanks.

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    Is it a toolbar? This link shows how to remove it if that's what it is: or

    All of the gear, no idea...


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      Have you tried doing a System Restore? Note - anyone who doesn't know what that is should look it up and start to use it, many problems can be fixed with SR.

      Have you tried this?



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        Had a lot of luck with hijackthis. It will show what is starting on your CP and alow you to kill it. The name in Hijack this will not be what you think but the right click tells you what the startup is.

        Check it out.


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          Thanks for the replies. No it isn't just the toolbar, I removed that with "uninstall a program" in control panel.

          The home page redirect thing is still there, and has been there too long for a system restore to fix it. It went unnoticed or ignored till it got to loading so much junk that it slowed the computer to a crawl at startup.

          Firefox is not effected, but My wife likes the way Chrome handles her genealogical sites which she uses a lot, Firefox doesn't display them to suit her. Thanks again.

          I'll be trying the things suggested here till one of them gets it.


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            HiJack will fix the home page. And it is free.

            One other place to look if it is only an IE thing....
            Take a look in Internet options-Program tab - Manage add-ons.


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              I am only half kidding - upgrading to Linux is my preferred method of avoiding viruses and malware.


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                If its been on there awhile it may of downloaded god knows what else.
                Backup everything, reformat and reinstall windows 7.
                Fresh install will be much faster and free of junk.

                As for system restore, its the only time iv been thankful for MS wasting my disk space.
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                  Thanks All;

                  I agree with the Ubuntu solution, have been using it for 4 or 5 years on my favorite machine, if it were up to me there wouldn't be a Windows computer in the house, but there are two of us and this is my wife's laptop and she doesn't want to have to learn a new OS. I wouldn't even dare mention reformatting to her. I don't enjoy having to get everything reorganized after reformatting either, so that is a last resort.

                  I've downloaded the image for the Avira Rescue System CD and will try that next