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DoAll 6"x12" surface grinder

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  • DoAll 6"x12" surface grinder

    I have a chance to pickup a DoAll 6x12 manual surface grinder for my home shop and I wonder if anyone has experience with this brand and if it is a good tool for the home hobbyist. I have just started working in the machining hobby, being a long time woodworker and furniture maker. I want the machine mainly for trueing up surfaces etc and not so much for sharpening. The machine has some use and for the price I am wondering if I am making a wise investment. I can get the machine for $500.00 but I have to go about 400 miles to pick it up.
    Please if you can, give a an honest appraisal for its purchase. Thanks


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    A 6 x 12 is a very good size for a HSM. All the DoAll machine tools are considered to be of mid to upper level quality and were fairly expensive when new. For a DoAll surface grinder in decent condition $500 is a cheap bargain. It would have to be pretty ratty to not be worth that.


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      I agree....Ideally you want to see it demonstrated grinding something. A lot of faults come through in the finish. You also want to make sure it comes with a mag chuck - expensive to buy otherwise.

      You want to listen to it and feel for excessive vibration and noise. General condition, paint, bumps and bruises etc don't directly affect accuracy but it gives insight into how tough a life it's had.

      400 miles is a long way, but maybe that's what you have to do in your area. Even the worst cast scenario isn't that bad, after all that if it turns out to be less than perfect, 500 isn't much in the grand scheme of things and it doesn't have to be last grinder you ever buy. If you want one I say go for it.

      have you got the mill and lathe yet? they would be more useful to get started with


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        Yes, I have a 1930 Model O heavy 9 South Bend I refurbished and a nice Clausing 8520 Vertical mill. Spent most of the last 2 years learning to use them and acquiring tooling.


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          then you're good to go