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Drill press belt slippage

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  • Drill press belt slippage

    Hey guys do any of you have a solution to stopping belt slippage on drill presses? Is a real pain in the ass when the drill is supposed to drive a 20mm bit and it wont even get close because of the bloody belts

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    Chain drive only 1 speed but it will drill your hole.


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      We have a type of glue stick that is, well, sticky and is used on car fan belts. I've also used wax. BTW, Is this for drilling metal? Have you first drilled, say, 6 mm and then 10 mm before the 20 mm? My .02$ Wayne.


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        Flat or V belts?

        I assume V belt........ if so, then tighten the beggar.... or get a newer one... old belts can slip due to glazing and wear. Belt dressing can work, but I always tend to regard it as a workaround..... no rubber belt should ever need it. Leather flat belts do require the kind of belt dressing that keeps them soft and grippy.

        Then also, going with too large a pulley ratio can make for a lot of slip, unless there is an idler to keep the belt well wrapped around the smaller pulley... or the center distance is large enough.

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        Hashim Khan


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          First of all remove the belts and inspect both the belts and pulleys. Particularly check to see that the belts are not worn so much they are touching the bottom of the pulley.
          Check the sides of the pulleys to see if they are still flat or worn to a dished shape. If any of this is found it will contribute to slipping belts. When buying new belts get quality belts
          and make sure the angle of the belts match the angle the pulleys were machined to. Automotive and industrial belts have different angles. If you have a Machinists Handbook
          look under belts & pulleys, there is a lot of good information there.
          Larry - west coast of Canada


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            Google Rosin.
            Ppl used it in old times just for that.
            FSWizard - Free Online Speed and Feed Calculator


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              I seem to be able to get a good balance between belt tension and motor power- beyond a certain point the motor will stall before the belt slips. The tension required doesn't seem too high. That's for either belt, the one direct off the motor or the final one driving the spindle. Tension would be about the same anyway, if you let the idler pulley shaft float while making the adjustment.

              I normally don't keep it that tight, since most of the drilling I do isn't that large a hole. Not in metal anyway- If I get some slip with a larger bit, say a 5/8 or larger, then I just add a bit of tension.
              I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-