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A fixture for grinding HSS tools?

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  • A fixture for grinding HSS tools?

    ........I posted this also on the Practical Machinist BB and I know many visit both, but some don't.

    I'd like to find out if there is a simple or inexpensive device used with a grinder a person may grind the various angles, reliefs, etc on HSS tool blanks? Or if there might be plans on the web, or possibly someone has one they've built and has photos avail?

    Right, I know I probably should be grinding them all freehand, but I'd like to maybe get some correct ones to use in the meantime, as I become an "Oldhand" at it :-).

    I have an idea as to what is required for one, in grinding the various flats, but someone who's been there could have some valuable pointers, or things like "I'd do it THIS way if doing it again", type stuff.

    I can not afford a surface grinder and will be probably using a surplus motor as a power source and attaching a wheel as a dedicated tool grinder. I did grind one for some aluminum I was turning, but one correct for steel that would work and produce a good finish could be miles apart in my ability to grind at this point.


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    I got the HF Baldor clone tool grinder on sale for $120. Check it out.


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      See "Sharpening HSS Lathe Toolbits" in the July/Aug 2003 issue of Home Shop Machinist.

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        If you want to buy, try this. At least it might give you some ideas. Also there are plans in volume two of "The shop Wisdom of Rudy Kouhoupt"; maybe Neil can make you a deal.