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Rotary Table Tooling?

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  • Rotary Table Tooling?

    My rotary table came to me from a working machine job shop with a large aluminum tooling plate attached. There were lots of random holes drilled and tapped and lots of battle scars to indicate that it had seen lots of use. The table has not seen much use in recent years due to its weight and difficulty of handling. That problem has been solved with a hoist. What sort of tooling do you use? I had removed the plate and was in the process of mounting a 4” mill vice but after thinking some the plate may be the better way to go.
    Byron Boucher
    Burnet, TX

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    For me, probably the most important is a spigot that drops in the centre hole (2MT on mine, sounds like yours may take something a bit larger!) to run a DTI against for centring the rotab accurately. I assume you have milling clamps with T-nuts to fit its slots?

    I have small (5"?) 3 and 4-jaw chucks to go on top (3-jaw with an oversize backplate for mounting it, 4-jaw drilled through for fixings), and occasionally I've bolted on a small X-Y vice - this can make some jobs possible or faster, but rigidity suffers a bit, light cuts only

    A current in-the-pipeline is a jig to hold scroll chuck jaw blanks to mill the scroll teeth...

    A tooling plate would be nice, I'll have to keep an eye open for a suitable piece of scrap plate! Also a collet holder appeals - I have a 5C collet chuck with damaged taper that *may* provide parts if I can anneal it enough for machining - but that means getting my furnace built first!

    Dave H. (the other one)
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