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  • cost of shipping

    Just got the heads up about the Shop Tips book. Would like to purchase but the cost of shipping to Canada exceeds the cost of the book. Seems a little over the top that a $9 book (approximate, with discount) costs $10 to ship. Is there not a cheaper method?

    How about an electronic file version like Model engineer/Model Engineer Workshop?

    Just hoping...

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    I ran into the same thing buying a book from Canada it was a tiny bit over the media mail weight & the shipping cost twice what the book did. No more Canadian books for me unless there's a firm shipping price posted.
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      Dunc, that is the typical BS we up here deal with all the time, and have for years!! Rediculous!!


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        I just ordered the book also and the shipping here was a whopping $4.95 which is a little steep for a 65 page book. Not real happy about that, but there is not much I am happy about these days

        I would rather have tools that I never use, than not have a tool I need.
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          I'll make you feel better, I ordered the book this morning . $8.95 for the book and $10.00 to ship it to Canada. That is just USPS standard.
          Larry - west coast of Canada


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            Check out I just checked ant they have several new and used Shop tips books. My son told me about Amazon and they have some amazing deals and many times the shipping is free. I thought they only sold books, but they sell everything at wholesale prices. I just ordered 2 ink cartridges for my printer for cheap, free shipping and will have it tomorrow.


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              I buy 95% of my books from Amazon, new and used. Sometimes they are only available from the publisher, author or special source. I also buy a lot of merchandise at Amazon.
              It's only ink and paper


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                For Books I usually check with Abe Books clearing house, if you register, they often have free postage deals, I have got some real steals on expensive books.


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                  You know - the only people making a killing with the advent of the "Digital Culture" are the shippers! The old brick and mortar stores are really hurting, no matter where they are, because of the hidden shipping costs (for the stores) that get added on at the end of the transaction for internet ordering.

                  Hmmm - the consumer *never* wins! ;-)

                  Another JohnS