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    I pick up an old Sebastion 12x48" machine tomorrow. it is definitely pre WW2, might be pre WW1.

    Flat belt drive with another flat belt drive from the spindle to the feed screw.

    Two chucks,taper attachment,two milk crates of tooling.

    NO CHANGE GEARS! Bare banjo. Any one have dimensions?

    Price? 250$ and five quarts of honey.

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    Sounds great and a sweet deal with that Honey!! Lol

    Have you read up on Tony's lathe site about this lathe?


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      Yes I looked at Tony's. I can not id. it there,nothing close.

      I will post pics when I get it here. I am sure some one around here will know.


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        Either here or PM or?? I saw a topic about one awhile back.


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          I googled up Sebastion lathe images. I see pictures of 15" machine that look like it, but can't find anything for 12"
          It has a lead screw and a belt driven feed screw.

          Who would of thought,'googled" becoming a word?

          PM? Isn't that the crazy place? The wife goes there a lot.
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