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Titanium fasteners and galling?

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  • Titanium fasteners and galling?

    Does anyone know if titanium will want to gall in a stainless thread like stainless to stainless fasteners do? I need to order some threaded inserts for aluminum like the ones talked about in Black forests thread. I will most likely be using titanium bolts for this. I would prefer to use the stainless inserts offered but I can use the steel ones if galling may be a problem.

    These bolts should see very little putting in and out and will most likely have a medium strenght type of thread locker put on them. Thanks.

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    Titanium will gall, but I dont know the likely hood. Your thread locker will help prevent it some.


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      A properly tensioned ( not torqued) fastener will rarely loosen with out help. If galling is a worry then antisieze is the way to go. Put it not only in the threads but under the head of the cap screw or bolt and the nut if any. All of the force developed by the thread is concentrated in these areas. This per the TVA Nuclear manual on torquing. The insert should be installed with a thread locking sealant or epoxy primer. i would point out that in nuclear plants especially and almost universally in other power plants, helicoils are the way to go. They are used by the thousands in aircraft construction.


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        tdmidget, I know what you are saying about a properly torqued fastener. This will be for holding a front brake rotor to the hub on a motorcycle. They may end up getting safety wired depending what style bolt I go with, but if they don't I will feel much better with thread lock on them. I have seen a lot of loose hardware on motorcycle and just about every bolt on this bike will be assembled with thread lock on them. It is a cheap insurance when its your body on the line.

        I am planning on using the keensert style inserts with the locking tabs. I haven't used a whole lot of them but I didn't really like helicoils any of the time I used them.

        I know we have issues with stainless to stainless fasteners at work and antisieze is a must. I just didn't know if Ti would want to act the same with stainless. Fwiw, they say the inserts are 18-8.


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          I have found that cleaning the threads especially on new SS hardware will prevent the galling. For brake hardware I would for sure loctite it if ti doesn't receive enough heat to compromise the loctite or safety wire it.