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Wiring 480 3p heater-bands

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  • Wiring 480 3p heater-bands

    Ok project to restore a plastic molding machine is in progress.

    The injection barrel needs new heaters, and I can get heaters for the specific machine I have. What is giving me pause is the machine was rewired for 480 at the heaters some time ago... I have a diagram for wiring up the three-band zone that came with the new heaters. Three bands seems to be "standard" according to the diagram. However:

    Nozzle Zone is 1 heater band, that's fairly easy. Front Zone is five bands fed by three wires. Center Zone is four bands fed by three wires. Rear Zone is three bands fed by three wires.

    It would have helped if they had left it wired up rather than stripping it for parts, but that's not for discussion right now.

    Anyone want to take a stab at how I should wire up the remaining zones? I could in theory revert those zones to three bands as well, but this is how the manual shows the machine to be configured and I want to restore it as close as possible

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    I am using the diagram on the lower right for 480v. That's how we wire them at work. All of the machines at work are three bands per zone because we were "smart" and standardized everything a few years ago.