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How much threading info would you need and how much is too much?

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    Would love to hear more about this. What is it? Is it a program for a hand calculator/tablet/smart phone? Standalone device? Will it be offered for sale?


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      It's a desktop program that runs under Windows and .NET framework.

      For the time being its distributed as return-ware: every 30 days you have to install an update to keep it going.

      But I do plan to charge money for that once it's ready.

      Check HSMAdvisor link in my signature for more info.
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        Make it an Android App and you may have better luck selling it. I would pay a few bucks for it if it ran on my tablet but not for my PC which is not in the shop. The PC in the shop is restricted to running the CNC only otherwise I would waste a lot of time surfing. At least that used to be the case. I might just get back in the shop soon as I have found a medication protocol that seems to help with standing.

        I recently downloaded the entire DEV Pack for Android so when I have the inclination I am going to see about writing a few shop apps for my tablet and porting the CircleCalc app to Android. They will all be fully free since I benefit a lot from freeware and want to return the favour to the community.

        Incidentally, it is now possible to run Ubuntu on a Nexus 7. It means wiping out Android but it is easy to switch back if needed. It is still in beta but should be fully operational soon.
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          Originally posted by Zero_Divide View Post
          Check HSMAdvisor link in my signature for more info.
          +1 on making it an Android (or iPhone) app. Or at least Java, for those of us non-Windows folks....

          Your screenshot looks great!


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            Zero, I would like to see the threads go to at least 2.250" x 8 TpI as there are many lathes
            that have that size thread. I would also like to Internal threads and Metric Threads.


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              Thanks for the suggestions, guys.

              I will start by expanding UN and metric sizes and adding some UNEF forms.

              I will also add internal thread info like "max/min major/minor dia" and such.

              Unfortunately Droid or IOS application is out of the question.
              Unless they manage to make .net applications to work there

              By the way i heard there is a way to run .NET applications on Ubantu.
              The thing is called MONO, but i ma not a linux guy and can not say whether it works there or not.

              Back to work.
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                They are working on Mono for Android. Android is really just a branch of Linux. The primary problem is that the .NET runtime is huge and duplicating all the classes and methods is a big job that takes big memory. Microsoft doesn't mind at all as it gives them a foothold in Linux. Android is a huge threat to them and they would really like .NET applications to run on it. Their expectation is that if .NET Apps run on Android or Linux they will run even better on Windows and they are probably right.

                What really has them in a bind is the simple fact that they cannot sell an OS for $100 to go on a $100 machine. They can't figure out how to give the OS away and monetize the applications since they are not allowed to monopolize the Apps. Their business model is falling apart in the face of new and much cheaper technology.

                It is a good time to start learning how to write for other operating systems.
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                  Interesting thought.
                  But is see machinists apps selling for 2.99 on Android market. An see like 100 + downloads on them.......

                  And then I see 1.00$ games being downloaded more than a million times.

                  There is simply no market for mobile machinists apps.
                  And the return is not worth my time by a wide margin.

                  If anything, the future of mobile apps is cloud, for which I only need server side (that I have) and a AJAX client side that does not require java and can work on any platform imaginable.
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                    It is a good time to start learning how to write for other operating systems.
                    Qt is what to use, android, symbian, QNX, Blackberry, IOS as well as all desktop OS's windows, mac, linux etc. are all supported.
                    Its very powerful and now has qml for rapid UI development, qml is a declarative language with java script support so no need for c skills if one doesn't want to use the good stuff .
                    Yeh, the android app market is severely watered down, its very difficult to make it worth your while coding for it, however if you use Qt you only need to code once and then you can deploy it everywhere with minor tweaks.
                    I have been coding for the mobile app market as a hobby for the last 4 years, I recently had a falling out with the company and quit, however my partner is still making good money and he deals exclusively with trade apps with the main focus being on an electricians application.
                    Android had the worst sales followed by symbian and meego with ios and blackberry being the most lucrative.


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                      Lots of Threads

                      Edison (an a lot of other) threads can be found here:



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                        I have just added UNEF and UNS thread sizes and drills up to 1.5" dia.
                        Also there is now a a feature that allows to calculate tap hole dia by a desired thread percentage and vise-verse.

                        The program now works with .NET 2.0
                        So most of Windows computers are covered right out of the box.

                        Who is interested-please try it and tell me what you think.

                        Edit: by the way The Speed and Feed calculator now supports manual machinery with gear boxes where spindle speed is fixed to certain RPM only. Works great for manual lathes.
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                          Having had to cut a pipe thread recently, I think BSP would be handy.
                          And don't forget brass thread, with its 26tpi for every diameter.


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                            Please can you cross port it to OSX



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                              Pipe thread support is next.
                              I guess i will have to add some sort of interactive drawing to aid the user as current table is hardly readable.

                              There is a thing called Mono.
                              It allows to run .net applications on *nix systems. I could try maybe it would work without major changes.
                              I dont have enough will or smarts to rewrite the code for another platform.

                              Unfortunately i dont have and its not in my budget to acquire Mack for testing purposes and it would prove problematic.

                              Most people who want to run Windows apps run virtual machines on their Macks.

                              I will see what i can do anyway.
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                                No worries

                                pity its a net app

                                if it was a normal exe style prg. and was in C if the .H headers are compatible with Xcode it should work, and should be then able to be ported to iOS

                                but please do not put your self out just for my benefit

                                As to VM and windoze I will not put any MS OS on my machines on principle ( that my Problem )


                                Thanks again for your reply