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Need to redo my compound and crossfeed on old heavy 10

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  • Need to redo my compound and crossfeed on old heavy 10

    I was trying to cut some threads on my Model O heavy 9 today and everything seemed to just look terrible! I have so much slack in my compound that I can literally move
    it in place and its out at least a 32nd of an inch. There is some play in the nut and screw, but most is between the compound graduated collar and the compound bushing rest. Is this something you just shim or is that just patching the symptom? I finally decided to take them completely apart and see what can be done to tighten up the old girl. I really hate the micro small graduated collars on both the compound and the Cross feed along with the little handles, they don't lock down well and are extremely difficult to read. I would like to purchase new compound and cross feed nuts and larger graduated collars and handles, but I suspect the change to larger graduated collars and handles require different cross feed and compound screws. On top of that this is an old lathe, built in 1930 and I have been told that many of the parts are common to the heavy 10, so I really don't know how to get the right parts. I don't have a second lathe to make parts, so I am going to have to buy what ever components I need. That's okay. I really love this old lathe and with the exception of these problems, it is in extremely good condition.
    Do any of you have access or know of someone who has or makes these parts? I can post lots of pictures of the parts I have, dimensions etc for whoever needs them.



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    I don't have advice on all your issues and don't know that lathe model intimately, but I have supplied quite a few larger dial sets for older Atlas lathes with nominally the same problem. Even if the setup isn't identical a little redesign might find a solution. The idea is to replace the original dial with a hub, put a larger graduated sleeve over it with wider spaced graduations, and add a top hat shaped part over the original flange to get the new larger fiducial (zero) mark. Look at for the basic idea and write if it doesn't look like the standard solution will work.
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      I read about the acetyl nut modification on this site, the Evan Nut I believe.

      Made one for my cross slide nut on my Colchester Student, very impressed so made some more up for my RF45 clone mill. No backlash to worry about and all are holding together very nicely.

      Cheap and easy to make is a plus.