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Almost free 5c collets,did I learn a lesson.

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    Originally posted by lazlo View Post
    I can confirm that Delivery Confirmation is a bullsh!t.
    Yup,and every year it seems like there are at least 2 or 3 news stories about Postal employees hoarding mail.
    I just need one more tool,just one!


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      Originally posted by DR View Post

      Believe me, there's more to the story, I left many details out. I did not agree to a free deal. He offered free, I told him I would pay for the part and shipping prior to it being shipped. Before I could send payment the package arrived including parts I didn't want. It started to get nasty when I informed him the part he'd sent was a non-fitting clone (I had even posted a pic and part # of what I needed). He said it wasn't a clone because his best friend told him so and I had insulted his friend. At that point the name calling and threatening began.

      Sometimes in-person deals go bad. When you add distance and emails they can really go bad as in my case.
      I hear you. Yes, sometimes things don't go as smoothly as they should. I can fully understand your frustration.
      WI/IL border, USA


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        A few years back I bought a wheel bearing for my trailblazer off ebay. Just as I hit the pay button I realized that I had not changed my shipping address from Arizona where we spent the winter to Michigan where I needed the bearing. I immediately sent an email to the seller telling them I needed it shipped to Michigan. Didn't hear from them the next day so I called them. Someone put me on the phone with the shipping dept. and I was told that it would be taken care of. A week went by and I didn't receive the bearing so I called them again. They said it shipped to Arizona, so I bought another one with the assurance that I would get credit when I returned the one from Arizona.

        I called the neighbor in Az who has a key for our mailbox in Az and asked him to get the package and write "return to sender" on the box and give it back to the mail carrier. He assured me later that he did but the seller never received it. Several months later when we were in Az vacationing I checked my mailbox and there was my package. My neighbor hadn't written return to sender on it but just gave it to the carrier and asked her to do it. She didn't and it got shipped right back to the Az mailbox.

        I took the box to the post office and shipped it back to myself in Michigan as by then the other wheel bearing was going bad.

        The whole thing was a mess from the first mistake of me not changing my shipping address. Secondly, the "shipping dept." didn't do what they said they would do and change the address. Third was my neighbor not writing return to sender on the package. Plenty of blame to go around but none of it seemed intentional.






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          Originally posted by wierdscience View Post
          Yup,and every year it seems like there are at least 2 or 3 news stories about Postal employees hoarding mail.
          LOL! What do they do with the mail? Is it that they're too lazy to deliver it?
          "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did."


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            I recently experienced lost mail. Actually, my mother did. I help her with paying her bills, (she has Alzheimers) and deposit the mail myself at the post office to make sure it gets mailed. So, three bills get paid, the credit card, the phone bill and a small doctor bill.

            Time passes and my brother, who takes her grocery shopping, reports that the credit card is shut off - for non-payment. We get that fixed and I watch for next month's bills - sure enough, the three bills I paid in the afoermentioned group don't show up as paid. I get that fixed and everything is now OK.

            I went around, checking in my shop, in my car, under the seats, anywhere I might have misplaced the envelopes. (am I getting Alzheimers?) Not found anywhere. I must conclude that the batch got "lost in the mail," probably along with a whole sack of other mail from the post office. ??????

            I probably temp fate to mention that in mailing a couple dozen shipments of boards, kits, and coils to readers for the Magnetic Clock, I have had no problems or failures from the USPS, but I hand the package directly to a postal clerk when I pay for the postage.
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              I put a W2 in the post office in January—It was delivered to his residence 4 blocks down the street in August.
              Byron Boucher
              Burnet, TX


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                I do periodic bulk mailings to patients. We "seed" some of the mailings with a piece addressed to myself and one or two others.

                Occasionally, entire batches just go off the radar...

                I freely admit that the US Postal Service has a big job on their plate.

                And I freely state that the US feds are not the most efficient at getting things done at times.

                Hope everything resolves to everyones' mutual satisfaction.



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                  Now I find out Doug somehow did a change of address on me so all the bills & junk mail still come to me but all the packages go to Doug. That way I won't catch on. Pretty slock thinkong Doug I must say!


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                    Smarter than the average bear...



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                      As a very, very, newbie, I am not sure I should butt in here, but I can understand the problem of "lost" mail. For my sin of not having been born (or inherited) a lot of capital I have needed to take employment from time to time to time ..... when I was young enough to do so. It just so happens my first job was in public service so I kind of specialised in that and ended up fairly well the Cock o' the Midden at times. The last job I have ever had was in a large organisation where the politbureau had decided there must be a 4% "efficiency" saving every year. Now 4% year on year for even 3 years means everybody must have been pretty useless in year one if it could be achieved.

                      It transpired that one lady was supposed to be doing the work of three in former times because the other two were the sacrifial lambs that gave the overall departmental efficiency savings. These three had formerly dealt with all incoming mail. Guess what? There was more than two years unopened mail in an office nobody in authority had checked out. Do you blame the lady - in the cases quoted above the delivery man? Or do you blame those in charge? Or those who made the stupid decision to become more "efficient" in the first place?

                      There are a few quotes on here about people basically being honest. I think the same goes for people who actually do some meaningful work for a living - they want to do the right thing and earn their pittance, but sometimes it is just impossible. It is easy to criticise, but there is an old saying that you should first walk a mile in the other man's shoes. I am convinced that human beings did not evolve to work behind a desk, drive a vehicle, deliver mail to other people, sit at a sewing machine for 8 hours, etc. etc. Instead I believe we evolved to be hunters, hunter/gatherers, gatherers or just plain old country folks.


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                        All turned out well. The last person contacted me with a sincere apology and today I received. the last check.
                        Every one gave me more money than I deserved. The extra will go for a year subscription of HSM.
                        Thanks George.


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                          Great,, a nice ending.