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Making quick change tool post holders (picture heavy)

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  • Making quick change tool post holders (picture heavy)

    I have had 6 Dickson style holders for many years but didn't want to buy any more at $80 each over here, so I decided to make my own. I did consider buying a wedge style from the US, but I would loose money on this one as it cost me $500 8 years ago.

    I made these up last year but am just getting around to posting them now because of the house move. I am still yet to decide what finish is going on them.

    My mate gave me a piece of plate (column base of a large shed) a few years back and I have kept it for this purpose. It was 550 x 350 x 32mm thick and the tool holders are 31.75 deep so close enough to the thickness of the factory ones.
    I had to cut it up but it wouldn't fit in the bandsaw so I put 2 cuts in it outside with the 9inch grinder.
    After that it was about 4-5 hours sitting by the saw cutting it into little blocks.The bandsaw was clean before I started and the carbon blade did a good job.

    This is the Dickson style tool post, it has 2 V's and a slot where it is pulled back onto the V's via a cam action in the tool post, very simple really.

    More to come

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    Once they where all cut up I faced the sides and the ends with the horizontal spindle and a carbide end mill.


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      The slot was then roughed out.

      One side of the V roughed out

      The other side of the V roughed out.

      The pile roughed out to get rid of most of the waist metal.You can see a red and blue one there, I colored these because they came off the saw a little thin so I marked them like this as they where not the same as the others. It was only something small like 0.25-0.5mm but it makes a difference in setting them up in a jig.


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        This is the jig I used for the roughing angle for the V's.

        Here I am roughing the slot wider with a hoging end mill, it was easier to widen the slot with the vertical spindle than the horizontal spindle.

        The finish left from the roughing end mill.

        Finishing the slot


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          Cutting the slot with a key seat cutter. It was a bit blunt so I sharpened it using the lathe, it then did the whole job.

          You can see how the swarf filled the vice, so I cut up some ice cream container to help out.

          The little key cutter moved so metal

          Facing them all


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            Knocking the corners off with a 45 degree end mill

            Finishing the V's


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                machining a flat on top of the V's

                Drilling all the holes with a temporary shield

                This is the tap set up I used, the coolant flushed out the chips so things went quicker. I had to tap 230 M8 holes.

                I cut up the 25mm bar for the adjusters, drilled and taped them, then mad up this arbour to thread them on for all there operations.


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                  Making the adjusters

                  I stole the wheels off the push knurler and made a clamp knurler


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                    Knurling the adjusters


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                      My temporary coolant set up run off the mill.

                      All knurled


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                        Most of the shaving that where caught after knurling.

                        I set up these tools in 2 tool holders to do all the operations in one go

                        Machined the outside diameter

                        Taking of the sharp corner


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                          Taking off the bottom edge.

                          All done, I made 60 odd for spares as I never want to make these again,LOL

                          All of them heated up and dunked in oil

                          What a repetitious job


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                            The one stuff up when I was roughing them, oh well it will get used for something like an indicator holder.

                            I picked up 1500 odd grub screws from the UK for just over $100, a lot cheap than buying them here for $50 odd dollar a box of 100.There is more than in the picture they are just the M8 ones need for the tool holders.
                            I have different lengths so I will be able to custom fit the grub screws to different size tooling I put in them
                            holders and will be changing my factory holders over to grub screws as well. The square he bolts where just to expensive and I would rather they didn't stick up above the holder.

                            Wow that was a lot of work.
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                              Very nice set up and work! Looks like you might not have to do this again, but we never have enough tools.