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Grinder; Please help identify (pic)

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  • Grinder; Please help identify (pic)

    A grinder just came up somewhat locally that looks like it has a fair bit of tooling with it at a decent
    price (for this area!). Labelled Tacchella 3L.

    Thing is, I can't find a spit of info on the machine.. and I've never "grounded" -- though by the
    size it looks like a tool grinder to me.

    I'd be happy paying $1500 if this machine could do some surface grinding.. but again, can't really tell
    with my inexperienced eye.

    Cabinet looks like it has a divider, "tail stock", small mag plate (which is a good sign!), and a whole
    bunch of rocks.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

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    I don't know the brand, but it's a tool and cutter grinder. It looks like the PO may have done some small surface grinding with it and you could do that buy swiveling the spindle around fore and aft but it's not designed for surface grinding. If it's primarily surface grinding you want, this may have some limitations in travel. There isn't a back rail on it, but that could be arranged. The table is made so it can swivel, which you want to be able to do for taper grinding but not for square setups on surface grinding. All these features weigh as advantages for tool and cutter grinding along with the load of tooling - collets, motorized headstock, lots of different wheels etc.

    What do you most need to do in the grinding department?
    "People will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of the time they will pick themselves up and carry on" : Winston Churchill


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      thanks for the quick response TGT.. "need" is a strong word.. but mostly I think I'd like it to make small tooling.. parallels, V blocks.. sharpening
      mill tooling would be great, but I don't know if I'm that smart. Assuming thats a 'regular size' pallet it sitting on, what would you guess available
      travel might be? (conservative).

      I realize I'm asking some tough questions, but its about 2hr drive from me.. if it something that fits my hobby I'm willing to take the drive and kick
      its tires.

      Looks like Tacchella is still making machines, I might give them a call tomorrow and see how helpful they are for this old stuff.

      ps whats a backrail?


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        The manufacturer will be your real source for specs. Just an eyeball looks about the size of a 6 x 12 surface grinder.

        The back rail on a grinder serves somewhat the same purpose that mounting a vise does on a mill table. It gives you a reference to the X axis. For instance you might want to be grinding the inside faces of a small angle plate. You'd do the flat face parallel to the chuck and you'd want to approach the vertical wall of the other leg of the angle plate and not quite touch it. But you don't want to dial it in every time you set it on the chuck. That's what the back rail is for. Slide one face up against the rail and you know your part is parallel to the travel.

        And there will be some occasions when you will need to use the side of the wheel to establish the other surface and if the machine geometry is accurate you will then have accurate and square geometry on your part.
        "People will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of the time they will pick themselves up and carry on" : Winston Churchill


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          Thanks TGT, very helpful.
          Made some calls this morning but unfortunately no info on the machine. Managed to talk to a service center, older guy who knows the machine..
          says its late 60s early 70s.. but as nice as I was trying to be he wasn't a talker. He confirms that its a T&C and also says it has no problems doing
          small surface grinding jobs, just like you said. Spares aren't available, nor is a manual, but "he'll make whatever I need for it".

          Anyone else? thoughts/comments/crits on what you see in the image? I'm sure you guys see a heck of a lot more than I do.


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            Don't know where you are located but this came up in a quick search. Look familiar?



            PS: Would be nice if you included your location in your post header


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              I'm in Italy, sorry, thought I had that in my profile.

              And yes i saw the same ad, looks like there's not a lot of interest in this machine (or in this area) and there was quite a price drop since Jun 2012.


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                So I think I'm going to go have a look at this thing.

                Any tips? What to look out for in a T&C grinder?

                I likely won't take an indicator with me -- would hate to be one of those guys -- but best I could do is make sure everything moves the
                way (I think) it should.. and try to bump the table / column around and get some idea for wear. Obviously turn the thing on, see how the
                bearings sound, etc.


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                  Apart from the usual wear issues, more so with a grinder, the big issue is tooling. This is much more important than on a lathe or a mill. A T&CG without a decent range of tooling is close to useless. finding the right tooling after buying a 1960's machine could take a life time and/or a small mortgage. Building your own would be a major project, do you need another one.

                  Decide what you will be sharpening, find what tooling is necessary then check if it comes with the machine. If you PM your email address I can send you a typical T&CG brochure (just over 5 MB) that shows a wide range to tooling possibilities.


                  PS: Remember, tooling, tooling, tooling, don't get carried away just because the machine looks nice. You have been warned!

                  Originally posted by Tony View Post
                  Any tips? What to look out for in a T&C grinder?