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Changing my Air cleaners What do you think?

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  • Changing my Air cleaners What do you think?

    Some of you have seen these before. I made these air cleaners for my throttle bodies. They cover up a lot of my handy work, and people often ask what kind of carbs are those. They're not, they're throttle bodies for EFI.

    To me they look a little dirt track.
    I decided to design up some velocity stacks. I think they say "fuel injection" in the hot rod world. The base flanges are 303 stainless. The tubes are stainless and will be TIG'd on the inside to the flange.
    The trumpets were machined from 6061-T6 aluminum. The will be pressed in to the tubes.
    What do you think?
    Thanks, Sid

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    Very nice, clean machine


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      Very nice work, Sid ! I like the air cleaners as they are, and of course they do support filter elements. Do you plan on putting any air cleaner elements on your velocity stacks ? If this is a race only engine, you don't need air filter elements. If , however, this is also street driven, you can suck a lot of dirt into your engine without filter elements.


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        Bill- I should have made that clear. They will have filter elements. I'm going to get some aluminum course screen and press a domed shape into it. the filter material will be sandwiched between the two screens.
        This is street driven.



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          They BOTH look good Sid,so it's a tough choice
          I just need one more tool,just one!


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            The only problem I would worry about is the expansion rate of the stainless being more than the aluminum and the aluminum stacks vibrating out when the press fit loosens up.

            Other than that it looks great!


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              Well, I just think that the velocity stacks look a little more "hot rod" and when you see them, you think fuel injection (at least I do).
              Also, I'm not destroying the old ones in any way so, if I want to go back I can.


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                What do I think?
                I think you do beautiful work Sid! Irregardless of which way you go it's going to look great.
                I can see the dirt track influence alright, but personally the car to me has some roots closer to the ruff 'n' tumble world of the dirt tracks. I think the velocity stacks would be more at home on a A/FX clone car or an exposed engine in a Can Am type car. But hey that's just my preconceived notion of esthetic's.

                That doesn't make it right or wrong. Just go with your gut instincts, heck you're doing pretty damn good so far. Don't forget...nothing is cast in stone, you can always switch over one way or the other any time you wish. Looks like you're already a third of the way into the stacks so why not test the reaction with them this spring.
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                  If your going for full tilt "Hot Rod" shouldn't they be Chromed?
                  I just need one more tool,just one!


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                    Willy- That's kind of what I think. I'll give'm a go. The trumpets are going to get plated tomorrow. I just have to polish up the stainless parts.


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                      Awesome. That's a clean, CLEAN machine. I say anodize the stacks in a black color.....never let 'em know what you have under the hood


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                        Real nice Sid,, great work, how about posting a couple more pics of the car also.??


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                          excellent work Sid,
                          I would anodize also - maybe silver - I hate chrome cuz I think it looks "gawdy" but I realize it kinda fits a certain era...

                          No matter what you end up thinking of the looks I think you will be hooked once you get a taste of the extra performance - but - once you fit the small filters and screens in not so much so and in fact you just may take a pretty big hit.

                          spent too much time around a flow bench and you would not believe the disruption even just a screen will make on that small of a surface area - it's huge.

                          take a look at your current filtration system with all it's pleats - as far as surface area you will have about 1/20th of what you had -
                          your creating a system that is designed to drastically increase flow - but your about to restrict it well beyond what your currently using... there are ways around this but it will again take some major mods,

                          that being said it's always great to see your work as it's A-1 quality...


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                            Nice work as always. Thanks for posting it.

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                              All- Thanks for the comments. I just dropped them off at the platers this morning. They are going to be hard coat black. If you notice on the rest of the engine, I have a black-polished-black theam going on. These will follow that look.
                              As far as performance goes, I'm not worried. I already sleaved the throttle bodies down from 50mm to 36mm last year in an effort to make it more drivable. It is, but top end did suffer.
                              I think 40mm would be a good compromise. That's next year's project. I'll probably make my own TB all together this time. They are all ready in the design phase.
                              I have a 514 motor in a 2800 lb car. Plenty of power.
                              I like to do some improvement or change every year. Cars are like a girl at the prom. Once the dress has been worn, there's nothing new to look at. Ya gotta get a new set of pearls or ear rings if you can't change the dress (paint) every year.