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Re-tram on turret swing?

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  • Re-tram on turret swing?

    I have never really thought about it before but how accurate are the turrets for staying in tram when you swing them off to one side or the other? Has anyone checked there mill when doing this? Maybe it is common knowledge to do this. I would think it would get worse with a riser in it.

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    If I move it I re-tram it.
    Byron Boucher
    Burnet, TX


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      Swinging side to side doesn't really matter it's in and out. I have a small to medium knee mill and it does sag a little at full extension as the head weight is on it with a lot of over hang, but not that much.

      If you want to move the ram in and out when you milling a job (reposition) you need to tram the ram with the Y axis so it stays true. To do this I use a square in the vise jaws, make sure it is true to the Y axis, then mount an indicator off the head and move the ram forward and back then adjust as necessary.
      If your not moving the ram in the middle of a job there is no real need to worry about it being exact.

      The machine is a lot more rigid with the head back as far as possible.


      Forgot to say my milling head can be tilted left to right, but does not have the nodding feature like a Bridgeport.


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        Originally posted by Boucher View Post
        If I move it I re-tram it.



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          +1 on that .

          I have had to tilt the head on an angle to drill holes in parts at times as it was more stable than packing the part .

          Tramming before use after moving the head is no big deal , takes about ten minutes to check and then start setup for next job.


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            Originally posted by mike4 View Post
            +1 on that .
            Have to agree. If I move any part of the head I re-tram...
            Just one project too many--that's what finally got him...