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    I have not seen much discussion about plans to go to Cabin Fever this year. I plan to attend and I hope to see many of you there. For me the change from January to April is a good one. Being from the sunny Southland I am more likely to go further South in January than to go North! Anyway ---- travel safely if you do go!

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    I'll be there Saturday and Sunday. Looking forward to meeting everyone!



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      I'll be there also. I'm wearing my new Black South Bend T-shirt . It says I'm a South Bend Gear head.
      See you all there , Boot.


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        I'll be there on Thursday traveling with my aluminum box on wheels, (travel trailer) look for the guy with a camera mounted on a tripod with a dangly thing hanging from my neck with a duck and a man in it (duck man) who knows what I'll be wearing, clothes probably.

        I'm also bringing my extra copy of "Machine Tool Reconditioning" if someone on the forum wants it before I put it up for sale at Cabin Fever for $80.00 e-mail me
        [email protected] if no takers by Friday evening, will be sold at Cabin Fever.
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          I will be there, either with the NEMES display, or rolling around on my mechanics work stool taking photos. I realized last year that using a rolling stool was a whole lot easier than bending over to take photos of the many models.

          For those who depend on me for photos I will be going from York on to Detroit so it will be longer than usual for me to get things posted.
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            Hi All,

            Leaving tomorrow. Always fun !


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              I will be there, supporting George and the gang at the HSM tables.
              Weston Bye - Author, The Mechatronist column, Digital Machinist magazine
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