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How are endmills made?

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  • How are endmills made?

    I was studying one of my endmill cutter, and I realized that unlike drill bits which I believe are made by twisting, the flutes on the endmill cutter look like they have been machined. Are they machine similar to the way screws are machined?


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    I think they're ground from solid blanks.
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      The flutes on an end mill are milled in then heat treated and ground.


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        B&S originally milled them w/ a div. head on universal horiz. mill set up off square w/ longitudenal feed ,& a gear train from X feed to div. hd.providing the helix rotation vs.long. feed....
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          I think you'll also find that high-grade endmills like Sossner (as well as all carbides) are totally ground from solid blanks. The CNC grinders do everything.

          We got back a load of regrinds from someone we were trying for the first time, and they used a CNC. They reground the DAMN FLUTES!!



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            I think any modern manufacturer of endmills
            would grind them heat treated or carbide
            blanks. I beleive twist drills are ground
            from blanks also. I watched a guy loading a CNC tool grinder. Not much to it: Double
            angle collet held the carbide blank. He set
            proper length of the blank sticking out of the collet with a Starret Vernier Caliper.
            He closed the door and a set of diamond
            impregnated grinding wheels cut the end releif and then proceeded to grind the flutes
            It didn't take more than 2-3 minutes to make
            a complete 3/8 carbide endmill. By the way
            the machine cost a cool (I think) 500,000
            and diamond wheel sets were (I think) 5,000
            He had 10 sets of diamond wheels. That is
            why this guy has to keep his 4 CNC tool grind
            ers running 24/7. It was very interesting.