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A question about youtube videos

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  • A question about youtube videos

    I was looking at engine lathe videos on you tube .There are over 65,000 of them ,so as I am going to the next page I notice that the page numbers are not highlited .In other words I after looking at a few pages I forget what page I am on and cant tell by looking at the highlited page numbers.Is this a problem with my computer or is this just the way it is. Thanks in advance for your help.Edwin Dirnbeck

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    Youtube is chaotic. They don't seem to care what you are interested in and search results will as often bring up scantily clad girls as a South Bend lathe. As soon as you click on a vid to watch your search results are abandoned by them and exist only in your browser's cache.

    I long ago decided to always open videos in a new tab or window in the browser and leave my original search results in the original browser window just in case I want to have a better look at those scantily clad Clausing lathes. They have also cut way down on what you can see of your account while you are not logged in, and the purpose of that is to get you logged in so they can properly analyze everything you do. Very annoying.