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McLean Finger Plate Vise - Atlas 618

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  • McLean Finger Plate Vise - Atlas 618

    In this post, "JFLingg , Atlas 618 Home Shop exists, 04/08/2012",
    I said I would post again when I made something besides a washer.
    From Live Steam Mag., April 1979, Frank McLean’s “The Beginner’s Column”, a finger plate vise.

    “Plate” is from part of a garage door opener, bolts are cut-down rethreaded metric head-bolts, nut from mystery hot-rolled, washer from an old bolt found on old mine site.
    Looks odd, works good. The best thread may be 65%, O.D. thread, single point 3/8-24, I.D. nut bored and tapped, plate drilled 11/32” and tapped.
    I am working on an Elmer Verburg simple wobbler. I got lots of tips, hints, and good stuff from HSM mag and website.
    Thank you all,
    JFLingg @ 25 miles east of Colorado Springs, Colorado

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    A spring around the right hand bolt under the top plate might make it handier to use. Looks good!


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      Nice work. This will become one of those little tools that may sit in your toolbox for years and will being a small smile to your face every time you use it. Thanks for posting.