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  • Back in the shop, somewhat...

    I have found a new drug protocol that seems to make it possible to stay on my feet for longer than 15 to 30 minutes at a time. With the assistance of my excellent doctor by upping a dose of one of my medications it has the effect of reducing the amount of norepinephrine that accumulates in the synapses and results in me running out of same and therefore muscle energy. This is a very rare problem and the usual drugs for treating high heart rate are useless in my case.

    Anyway, I was able to stay standing far longer over the last several days, long enough to complete a project that has been on my list for some time. I have the good fortune to have one of the best doctors that I have ever had the pleasure to know. He is also very well connected and the Chief of Medicine at the local hospital so if something needs to be done it gets done.

    There isn't much you can do for a doctor except say "Thank You" so I found a way to say that with something a little more lasting than a handshake. I decided to present him with a nameplate for his office door that looks a bit more classy than engraved black and white formica. I also consulted with him about a Latin expression to put on it which he thought was an excellent idea. I presented him with some choices and he picked "Docendo Discimus". It is Latin for "We learn through teaching". Coincidentally he will be taking on several medical students in his practice this summer so it fits perfectly.

    I engraved him a new nameplate for his office door using a piece of brass plate that was kindly given to me by one of the board members. If I could remember his name I would say so but my memory for names is miserable.

    This job presented some problems. The engraving needs to be very clearly readable in fairly dim lighting and by some with poor vision. I decided to fill in the font completely to provide maximum contrast with polished brass. That has worked out well. I engraved it deeply to withstand cleaning and polishing as well as making it stand out more. I first used a tetrahedal pointed carbide tool at about 6000 rpm. This left a slight burr which I anticipated. I sanded off the burr and repolished the plate which of course took off the edges slightly. To bring out the crispness I then went over it again with a ball nose tool using drag engraving. This leaves a sharp edge that is ever so slightly recessed below the level of the surface and will resist future polishing. The curved surface also catches light from any direction unlike a flat sided line such as produced by a conical tip.

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    As always, nice work!


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      That's beautiful Evan. Your Doc will be very happy! Glad to see you back on your feet for long enough to do something creative. I'll bet that alone helps your condition & outlook immensely.

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        A really nice gesture and a wonderfully crafted item, Evan. I'm sure your 'doc' will be quite touched.

        Glad to have you back in your shop and looking forward to seeing many new projects.


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          Great news , and good to hear you are able to get back to some projects.

          (And, great looking name plate, impressive!)


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            Good to hear Evan, more power to you... nice nameplate.


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              Evan, its great to hear that you are doing better.

              Nice job on the engraving, it looks great.


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                Glad to hear you are back on your feet! Very nice work on the plate as well!


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                  I don't know that I have ever seen a vice like that. It seems quite handy.
                  Glad you are feeling better.


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                    It's a drill press vise that cost $50. It is ground on one side and the back too which makes it a lot handier than most such vises. It works well on the mill. I don't mind so much if I accidentally drill into it as with my better vises. It is also exactly the same height at the bottom and top of the jaws as another vise making it very useful for side by side holding of long items.
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                      Nice job Evan and glad to hear your up and about.
                      It's only ink and paper


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                        So far the change in meds seems to help. How long that will last is another matter. It is very likely that the effect will diminish as my body becomes accustomed to the dosage. Or, it may continue working. It remains to be seen. It is nice to find something that works, even if only a small amount. There are very few medications I can take at all.
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                          Beautiful work as always. I bet he treasures that for the rest of his life.

                          Real glad to hear you are doing better. I do hope it continues. I will say some prayers for that.
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                            Gorgeous bit work there Evan - are you going to lacquer it in some way?



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                              Nice work Evan and glad to see you back in the shop.

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