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  • 1340 sharp model j

    I recently started a new job and we have this lathe that i have been trying to rescue. It was used for manual work by many different people
    that did not know what they were doing. The lead screw and carriage did not work, somebody had disengaged the main gear most likely
    to prevent users from running into the chuck.(it does have a couple of dings). I have gotten things back together and have found more of the
    gears to cut threads, but here is my problem, the faceplate of the machine is completly unreadable, so i dont know what the settings are for any given thread pattern. The manual i have is not for this machine.I called Sharp and gave them the serial number and they told me it is a model J and its discontinued and parts would be hard to find. I have tried numerous times to get their so-called customer service to find me a manual for this machine, with no luck.
    Does anyone know anything about this machine? Why didnt they make very many of these? Any ideas on getting a manual? I am willing to
    purchase. Even a picture of the faceplate would be great

    Newberg Or

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    It sounds like it has change gears. You can figure this out by measuring the threads-per-inch of the leadscrew, the spindle gear, the gear on the leadscrew, and the tooth counts of the collection of change gears you have at your disposal. Post those things here and someone will bang you out a table, I'd wager.


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      the last poster to that thread says they may have a manual (sorry to duplicate if that thread is "you").

      It won't help you with the the gearing (not with certainty anyway) but for general repair, it seems as if Sharp is a better quality maker but the lathe itself is a sort of generic import. Not to say it is good or bad just that there are/were a few makers and sometimes the similarities can work in your favor when trying to find manuals.