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  • Thank you. As I posted on PM, to another - I am flattered ( and also astounded ) that anyone would even take time to view those pictures. Just amazes me that someone would even actually elect to subscribe to seeing them every day.


    • I posted my VERY basic garage project elsewhere, but figured it more rightly belonged here.

      These are stand offs for a heat shield to be attached to a vertical wood stove flue to satisfy the building inspector. A heat shield reduces the required space between the flue pipe and any combustibles.

      I needed 10 pieces.
      • I used 1x1 square steel tubing.
      • Cut into 4" long pieces, 10 in total.
      • Lightly eased all edges on the bench grinder.
      • 0.50" in from ends, drilled 3/16 (0.1875") holes through both sides using an old 1940s Craftsman drill press and a cheap, made in India drill press vise. (The vise is really junk).
      • Then, drilled 0.50" holes in one side, using the 0.1875" hole as the pilot hole. But did not drill through to the other side.
      • Used a hand file to de burr all drilled holes inside and out.
      • Painted using 1200 degree high temp stove paint.
      The large holes allow screw driver access to the opposite holes so these standoffs can be screwed to the flue pipe, leaving a nice flat surface 1" off the flue pipe's surface, to which the heat shield will be screwed. You can see both sides of these in the attached photo.

      Total time was not measured, but was under 3 hours including locating my misplaced blades, and changing the hand hack saw blade that kept popping out of the frame.

      Fun, and feels like I did something.

      Happy machining!!
      S E Michigan


      • Here's a couple swinging fixture clamps I made today to retrofit a lh/rh pair of checking fixtures I made a while back.

        I built the fixtures these go onto last year, and there are 12 more of these on the 2 fixtures already. At the time I built the fixtures they only wanted 3 clamps per datum station (out of a possible 4 locations), but now they want to add the other one. I drilled and tapped the mounting holes for the other ones anyway when I built when they come back next week I just have to screw these on and adjust the clamp feet (yet to be made). The shoulder bolt for the locking pin is angled out 20* for better ergos.

        I was under some pretty unique space, and operational constraints when I designed these. The part loads from the bottom and due to that the clamp feet had to swing out of the way, and they had to be able to be used one handed (while the operator holds and loads the part with the other hand). I wanted to do a simple pivoting clamp foot (easy right?).....but the customer didn't like that idea and wanted the whole clamp to swing out of the way for loading, so this is what I came up with to fit the available space, which was not much.

        Here's a couple videos showing their one handed operation.
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        • Video links don't work.

          Paul , P S Technology, Inc. and MrTibbs
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          • Originally posted by PStechPaul View Post
            Video links don't work.
            Thanks. They should be fixed now.

            Does anyone know how to or if you can, embed imgur videos?


            • No shop work for the foreseeable....I'm not even in town.

              First it was the summer cataract surgery that went sideways a bit, could not see decently for weeks, was not going to enjoy shop work. Since then it has been dealing with a very elderly relative, and more recently dealing with the estate. I fully expect that this will not be under control for several months, and that will involve a considerable number of 10 hour (one way) road trips, and days sorting, tossing, and organizing things in a very stuffed-full-of-junk house. If any shop work gets done it will probably be in support of that activity.

              It's a case of "real life gets in the way", not complaining.


              Keep eye on ball.
              Hashim Khan


              • Originally posted by J Tiers View Post
                It's a case of "real life gets in the way", not complaining.
                "Real life" sucks sometimes. Hope you get some shop time soon.

                I got a few minutes and made some progress but forgot to move half the cutter width and ended up 2mm short. Hasn't wrecked it....but it's annoying.


                • Degree Indicating Wheel for a shaft that does not have access from the ends. Fasteners through outside diameter were unacceptable as they would obliterate or obscure the degree marks.


                  • Cool. Are the pics out of sequence, or are you a magician?
                    “I know lots of people who are educated far beyond their intelligence”

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                    • ZK, did you split that in two with wire EDM?


                      • Originally posted by Dave C View Post
                        Cool. Are the pics out of sequence, or are you a magician?
                        Yes. Okay... only the former. Not the latter...
                        Most days I struggle between forming complete sentences and not drooling on myself.

                        Originally posted by Michael Edwards View Post
                        ZK, did you split that in two with wire EDM?
                        No. I cut two, separate parts in the WEDM. Then assembled them together.
                        Splitting it would be essentially no different than using a saw to do so. It would remove too much material for them to fit so well.
                        I modeled two parts to cut and adjusted for line on line fitting. The screw threads ( set screws ) are simply to prevent them from sliding apart. It also has the key to drive it integral to one of the halves.


                        • Some boring tasks

                          QCTP or what..


                          • I cut it off twice; it's still too short
                            Oregon, USA


                            • Oops, looks like I lost the message!
                              This is a weight I made for my Benelli shotgun. Body is 303SS, the radius portion is 6061 Al. I tried to blacken with a sharpie, but as you can see, I couldn't do it without streaks.

                              I sure like the easy photo posting after the upgrade!
                              I cut it off twice; it's still too short
                              Oregon, USA


                              • The message appears as a "tooltip" when you hover the cursor over the image. Also, you can post images full size, and even adjust the size:

                                Paul , P S Technology, Inc. and MrTibbs
                                USA Maryland 21030