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  • What did you machine today?

    In light of the "Why so few project treads" thread I figured I would start this thread. A thread for those short boring every day machining jobs many feel aren't worthy of their own thread. I like to see machining content but like many understand and do those jobs every day that just aren't worth starting a whole new thread for. This will be a good place to show them just to show some machining stuff. Lets see'em!

    I don't have any real recent pictures but can't leave the first post pictureless so.

    Undersized alignment pin.

    New stepped pin.


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    Lid for my airbox. Its not finished as my wife came back from the diy shop with a load of blinds to put up, and didn't take any in stage pics so you'll have to be content with the raw stock balanced in place before shot

    Done the sides too, here's the burst window (perspex designed to blow out in the event of a airbox explosion, to save flying shrapnel)

    Best get back outside, its 10.30pm and the night is yet young and the house now has new blinds


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      I didn't do this today but did do it recently and while it is certainly not a significant project, the fact that I was able to do it at all is. Like Evan I've not been able to stand for any but short periods and this problem started last October. A change in meds two weeks ago changed everything and based on recent self-testing I'm able to stand as long as I wish. Now I can finish things I started and start things I've been putting off.

      All I did was stop taking Lipitor - a cholesterol inhibiting statin. Gone too are foot and leg cramps, fatigue, and weakness.


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        Originally posted by MrFluffy View Post
        Lid for my airbox.
        Yikes - I hope you have Kevlar shorts! That turbo under the seat is pretty close to some critical gear.


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          VPT what Honda engine is your adjustable cog for???


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            Originally posted by A.K. Boomer View Post
            VPT what Honda engine is your adjustable cog for???

            Thats actually for a guys toyota 323 or something. I had to fix a header of his as well.



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              Just making sure it was for a DOHC :-)


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                Tailstock ram Anti-rotation keys

                Both my lathes (Standard Modern 1120 and Myford ML7) were born in 1968 and over the years I've repaired/replaced a few worn parts.

                One that has been bugging me for a while were the anti-rotation keys in the tailstocks of both lathes. The wear allowed the ram (barrel/spindle) to rotate a bit and sometimes, when drilling, an oscillation would occur.

                The old ones are shown in the photo and the one on the left is from the bigger lathe and the disc section, which runs in the ram groove, was about 0.005" undersize. The one from the Myford was also undersized in the key section and also about 0.003" undersized in the round section.

                Used 1144 for both replacements and, needless to say, the larger one took me about 4 times longer to make. Most of that was taking many passes to get the width of the disc section just right and meant I had to remove it from the collet each time to measure it.

                The result on both lathes now is no rotational movement so I am a happy camper.

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                  Plugging away at a variation of Tom Partington's cut knurler, plans from PM. It's half done now but the evening's still young...

                  Uploaded with

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                    Well, I made a replacement handel for my lathe feed screw. Got tired of looking at the "missing plastic knob" and decided to make one (needed something to do while hiding from the MIL lol)


                    Nothing spectacular, but did keep me occupied


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                      Didn't machine anything today, BUT I went to the NAMES show and got my annual dose of humble pie. Gives me something to live up to! Bob.


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                        Corrected my sawblade error discussed at length in a previous thread. I opened the sawblade's arbor to 2", and then machined a matching step in a spacer, with the step being 1/2 the thickness of the blade deep. Hit it dead on - no rattle. (This is not for a powered operation.)


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                          I made a vintage looking throttle arm for the carburetor of one of my odd-ball collectible antique engines out of 6061 aluminum and an 8-32 socket head capscrew.

                          I've already got a cut knurler partially completed. (the McGiver version) These photos are of the prototype.

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                            Bob, Tony, Saltmine: You know the rules. No piccie, no happeny.

                            Me? I mostly moped around all day but finally remembered that I'd promised boss-dude at work I'd make another plastic plug to go in a certain high end British luxury vehicle's intake manifold (can't mention the name of course.) Some of the buggers will spit the blanking plug out of the end of the manifold under high boost making them run (ahem) a bit lean. Of course you can't get the plug without buying the whole manifold and they're on inter-galactic back-order. I made a couple out of acetal and made them a bit longer with a larger dia. flange with a hole in it so they can be safety-wired in place. Man, I love acetal. It makes me look like I have REAL machines.

                            I have to say this is a temporary thing and the manufacturer will come up with a fix pretty quick.

                            "Accuracy is the sum total of your compensating mistakes."

                            "The thing I hate about an argument is that it always interrupts a discussion." G. K. Chesterton


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                              Good ideeor puttin it on a leash --- just carry a fiber mallet in the glovebox to pound her back in after she shoots craps again...