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Gunter Bettinger's Mini-Motor Site (Stirling, vacuum, flammenfresser, etc)

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  • Gunter Bettinger's Mini-Motor Site (Stirling, vacuum, flammenfresser, etc)

    It's in German, but the pics speak volumes:

    (I couldn't find any prior references on HSM - ?)

    A youtube video here:
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    Originally posted by tlfamm View Post
    It's in German,
    Google Translate fixes that in a hurry


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      I tried Google Translate and was surprised how good it was. The translation is good enough to give a good understanding of his work. A warning to all who would like to use a computer translation to translate (reliable) technical descriptions and details. Be very careful. It could be very costly.


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        Some pretty amazing work there- awesome.
        I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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          I wish there was a little generator on the business end of the machines.

          So it would be more obvious if the machines are powerfull enough to produce more mechanical energy than required to turn the flywheel.

          They seem like a work of art that would look cool on a desk of some CEO

          Must have spent a lot of time making such beautiful pieces.
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            hows this one work?



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              My German was good enough to get the text acceptably.... a few of the long constructed technical words escape me, aber Heissluft, Flammenfresser, und Dampf are OK.....

              There is some ridiculouly small stuff there, either that, or some awfully big flies.
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              Keep eye on ball.
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                I didnt see where you told the rest of us what the german words mean so iam going to do it for you.
                He called them Hot Air Motors, a flmmenfresser is a flame eater, Dampf means Steam. So now you all know i dont need google to translate.
                You got a real Kraut here


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                  His name is spelled close to mine so he cant be bad


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                    my name is Günter Bettinger. Unfortunately I do not speak english. I use Google Translator. I am pleased if you like my engines.

                    Hi ZERO_DIVIDE,
                    a generator can drive it, but not much more. Hot air engines do not have much power. A steam-colleague says: "These are nano-watt machine";-). My motors have nothing to drive. I am happy when they work well, enough idiots to me.

                    Regards, Günter


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                      Günter: welcome to the forum.

                      Would you show us your workshop and the tools you use to build your engines?