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Stuck 5C collet, I think...

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  • Stuck 5C collet, I think...

    I purchased off Ebay a Heinrich 1AC air fixture..

    The collet seems to be stuck. I called Heinrich to see if I was missing anything, they said no, it just spins out.

    I have relieved the pressure... I bent a washer and put it in 2 of the collet slits, but no go...

    Any other suggestions??

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    Look for a setscrew near the bottom on the side opposite the air lines or under the bottom air line. My Eagle Rock ones have that to keep the collet from moving up or down during use. On mine the collet is free to unscrew once the setscrew is loose.You might want to look at part #6 in the parts list below.
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      Reference the parts list, the collet should turn out by turning the adaptor, part number 5. It has been a while since I have seen one of these and I don't remember if the rear of the collet is accessable from the bottom of the fixture, if so application of penetrating oil to the collet threads might help. Otherwise try getting some down the OD of the collet body through the slits.

      Gentle application of a strap wrench to the adaptor is another suggestion.
      Jim H.