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Time to cook the car body on a rotisserie

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  • Time to cook the car body on a rotisserie

    I am building an Auto Rotisserie to cook the under coating off a the bottom of the body. Don’t want it dripping on me. All joking aside. ( )

    My concern is to use ¼ or 1/8 steel to build it. This will be used only by me. My plan is to use 2”x2” x 1/8 steel to reduce cost and weight. The body of the of the car weights in about 500 to 600lbs. I am not an Engineer and if I didn’t have this forum, it would be built out of ½ steel or I would pay for it to be built.

    I plan on the “T” with supports for the legs going right and left. I’ll add one under the car if there is room. 36” up and 24” out to each side. The leg under the car will be 36” to 48”. The rotating parts…well I’ll have to see what I can find that will work. (I have to use the lathe somewhere in this.

    The next question is thought for a crank to turn this. Any lost thoughts? I can always turn it by hand?

    I am planning levelers due to using 8 in. Pneumatic Swivel Caster from HF. I have a rock driveway and will need to move it out for sand blasting. Thoughts on levels or locks. My first thought is a threaded rod, a long nut weld to the side and a hand crank?

    Open to thoughts and sujestions...

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    I plan on building one for the fusalage & wings on planes.


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      All of the rotisseries I've seen were made out of 1/4" tubing, it may be a little more weight and expense initially but the safety and rigidity are probably more important than cost.

      I'm sure there's a ton of info out there but here's a couple from a Dodge Charger forum that may give you some ideas.

      What are ya restoring?
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        Originally posted by flylo View Post
        I plan on building one for the fusalage & wings on planes.
        I look forward to seeing that as we need one for our museum workshop!


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          So the 1/8th steel is out. I like the HF cherry picker. 41" high. I am going with 3/16 wall 2X3 or 3x3.


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            I build this one from 1 1/4" .125" tubing I found in a field. Completely stable and uses the HF wheels so I can wheel it outside without issue. The pivot is something like 3" pipe inside 3 1/2" pipe with a side mounted bolt to lock it from spinning. No crank to rotate it. Just found the center of gravity and the car rotates easily by hand.

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              May give you some ideas:


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                Hey, Mr. Wilhelm,

                I was all proud of myself for recognizing that you had a 914 on the rotis. Then I noticed your name...

                When I went to college the first time (1980 or so) my neighbor across the street had a 914-6 GT. It might have even had a carrerra 6 banger in it. He was pretty proud of it. At the time, I was nursing along a '62 vw with the stock 6 volt electrical system, and made a whopping 42 hp if I remember. Terrific fuel economy, but couldn't get out of it's own way.

                I'm not an engineer either, so don't build it based on what I say. I would not use 1/8" though...

                Finest regards,



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                  Hopefully this one will get good mileage as well. Slow progress as I'm between places to work on it. Trying to build a real shop this summer. I call this one a 914-8 LS2.

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                    Love the front rt. We have to be careful this doesn't turn into car posting but here it goes.
                    What's the weight of the 914 body you have on it? I am doing a 70 442 hard top, then the frame. I liked that word free but it looks like I buying.

                    I will hopefully get a print up and finalize it soon. I don’t need a rotation gear box but a way to raise and lower would be nice. I am thinking cable over the top with pins… Just working out the best way to keep it pulled together. It is going to have to move in and out of the barn and the last thing I want is it to fall.

                    Right now I am 72X2 belt sander on one bench and the front brakes for an all trac celica I am building on the other bench. Putting 304.5mm rotors on this little car is like fitting a 350 into a VW Bug. It for a friend that does paint work for me. Great deal he paints I do machine work and welding. It’s a great trade.