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Home from Cabin Fever, NAMES et al!

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  • Home from Cabin Fever, NAMES et al!

    Got home at 9:00 PM last night from our trip, tired but very happy. Cabin Fever, B&O RR Museum, NAMES, Altooona Memeorial RR Museum and the Horseshoe Curve in Altoona PA. Plus some other stops that I will probably post but might not be of specific interest to those on this board.

    Probably close to 2000 photos to deal with, I have started with that, and a bunch of video to handle so it will be days if not a week or two to get everything dealt with and posted.

    For those of you hopping from foot to foot to see pics please be patient. I will go as fast as I can but it will take what it takes.

    I had a great time a both shows and met a lot of guys who post here which was very nice!


    Errol Groff
    Errol Groff

    New England Model Engineering Society

    YouTube channel:

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    Good news Errol, take your'e time get a bit of "Snooze" time.

    Glad to hear all went well.


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      What,Errol your not done yet! Glad you made it home safe Hope your wife had as good a time as you did. How did the door prize go over with her? Looking forward to your slide show as always.
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