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Any New Projects comong up?

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  • Any New Projects comong up?

    As for me I plan on having the shop done by summer with the big equipment. The newest crazy idea is having a freight elevator built so I can go grom the basement to the 2nd floor both which we never use. I thought about setting up the small shop in the basement which is tall & dry but on the 2nd floor we have a 14x26' room with lots of windows, 2 baths close, trees all around so thats where it goes. I'll put in a door with a small balconry, bisro table so I can sit have coffee, shoot a tree rat with the 22 now & then. It just p*sses me off yo no end that I have to hire it done. I'll weld the elevator but I use to be able to go anything I set my mind to. This is the part I can't or won't accept. My mind knows it but my spirit doesn't.
    Anyway any projects in the plans?
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    I'll just get depressed if I have to list them... 'cos most are all left over from the lists of past years.


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      I am finalizing the plans for a geodesic building. I will build it myself as to the fabrication. A crew will erect it after I have all my triangles built. It will be built in the tilt wall type construction. There will be some interesting mechanisms for windows and doors. It will be used as a round pen for training horses.
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        6'6" X 14' aluminum flat bed trailer with dual axles and a surge brake system. Been thinking about building one and 72' of 2 X 2 X 1/4 wall aluminum tubing came up on Craig's List so I jumped on it. It will be decked with 1/4" aluminum tread (diamond) plate. I'll then use it for a trip to Richland WA in September to pick up my new to me 1966 Plymouth Satellite convertible.


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          I could ditto lakesides comments...but in immediate future, finish bench for new milling machine, or at least build the drawers for it, spend some time with the old Clausing lathe that I managed to get home but not look at due to other projects and finish birch cabinets that are partially done.
          Oh, I wish I could learn to focus on one project at a time, till its completion! I admire those of you that can.


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            Dr. Stan, you realize we are going to be watching for some pics of that satellite when you get it?


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              I need to build a pump to run my solar hot water heater since it is time to switch to solar heat to preheat the well water. The design is about done so I start machining pretty quick. The previous pump draws a lot of power although it still saves money. This will save much more.

              It's a gerotor design to be powered by solar electric. It will operate fully submerged and is all plastic except SS screws and a bronze shaft and a couple of bronze retainer plates. It will be PTFE and Polycarbonate with the centre rotor of Nylatron. The packing bearing is PTFE. Leaks don't matter. The motor will be on a 1 foot drive shaft out of the drink.

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                I'm designing a remote controlled Robot to clean the pitch off of my metal roof.
                But first I need to get up to speed with Sketchup. When I retired I've lost my connection to Solid Edge that I used at work.
                I can't stand on a steep soapy slippery metal roof to hand clean.
                I've thought about building some magnetic shoes, but, a Robot will be more fun.
                I've tried to wash it down by spraying with soapy water, but it needs scrubbing.

                Tom M.