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New here...intro and some pics.

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  • New here...intro and some pics.

    My name is Joe. I'm 32 and live in Orange, CA. Started out with my Logan lathe a couple years ago and recently picked up a Bridgeport mill. Figured I would sign up and introduce myself. Haven't done anything crazy, but looking to improve my skills and there is plenty to learn here.

    My most recent lathe upgrade. For my QCTP, I got tired of having to use a wrench all the time, so I made a new top nut. I had a random drill press handle that I got with some other tools I bought and cut it down to match the current one. It just so happened to have a black shaft and a red knob.

    Nothing super technical, but there is a bracket in my dad's camper that was potmetal and cracked. I machined a new one out of aluminum:

    Practicing my threading:

    Dimple die for sheet metal:

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    nice work, I need to remember to do that with the q/c on mine. and the table support will never break.

    are you a metal bender ? creativity. like the sayin goes, why buy a $50 tool when you can build one for less than $500 ? welcome to the group


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      Welcome to the group! nice looking work! Nothing fancy sure but all looks very well done and thats what really counts, to put your best in.
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        Welcome and where did you find those red ball ends?


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          Welcome, I need to do that to my QCTP as well. dp, the phase2 quick changes come with the red ball, the OP said the drill press handle he used just happened to have one as well.


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            Welcome, some nice work. Red balls also come in pool balls. (A liitle big maybe, but good in some applications.)


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              Welcome to the group,you will find there is very diverse knowledge here. Someone know exactly what you need. I visit every day and chip in when I feel I have something to offer.Bob.


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                Yea, the matching red ball and black handle was just random. I just cut it down and threaded the end to fit. The threads for the Phase II post are M14x1.5. I bought a tap to cut them. I want to start designing and building more machining specific projects, but I love having the tools just to use for the odds and ends when I need them.

                My mill was basically free (I actually made money buying it) even though it is completely manual and an older model. Definitely works for me for now and came with boatloads of tooling, end mills, rotary table, etc. I've only had it for a couple months, so been just experimenting with different things. I like seeing how people do different projects because, to me, it's the little details that make the really nice parts. It's especially motivating seeing what is being made on manual machines.


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                  As the others have said, nice work. Welcome as well.


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                    Thanks, Joe, and Welcome!

                    Originally posted by kazlx View Post
                    It's especially motivating seeing what is being made on manual machines.
                    You bet! And you've already done it for me with your pix. Welcome aboard.


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                      Some more pics. Replacement feet for an Ikea media cabinet for a friend:

                      Working on a clamping setup for my fab table I'm building:

                      Plug turned from 1" CR with a 0.623 shoulder for a 5/8" hole. Then a slot was milled for the clamp bar:

                      Works on friction: