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Identify this steam engine ?

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  • Identify this steam engine ?

    Hello all!

    This is my first post after lurking for a few weeks. Village press didn't have a forum for "live Steam" so I figured I'd post here as I'm sure there are a few steam enthusiast's around here.

    I stumbled on this Stationary steam engine at an Estate Sale this week. It belonged to a clock maker. No one at the sale had any knowledge of what it is, where it came from ...or any sort of details.

    Does anyone recognize it or have any tips on finding more info. Here is a single picture:

    I have several other, rather than clogging up the forum with images, I've posted them at:

    The frame is ferrous (magnet test) and seems to have a nickel type plating. There are no manufactures' markings that I can tell however the name: "W. F. Hitchcock" has been stamped in the base.

    I sincerely appreciate any help.


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    Welcome to the group - hope you have fun!

    What did you pay for it? I do not know what it is modeled after, but it looks like they put lots of time in it - I love the lever details!

    Just be happy that you have a nice model - lucky bugger!


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      I bought it for $285.00 Also got some starret satin black micrometers... 1", 1-2, 2-3, and 3-4" for $25 a cute little B&S 1/2" micrometer for $25 also. Got 3 federal .0001" indicators for $35 each, a monster sized Kennedy toolmakers tool box and lower section for $75. A cute little home built boring head for $25....some scales, clamps, parrallels, and ...misc toolmakers odd and ends.... it was a nice sale.



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        I will bet you had to back up to pay the people,your smile being so big. Did you feel guilty? Charlie.
        Don\'t ask me to do a dam thing, I\'m retired.


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          Is that Canadian or real money?

          I got a Starrett #20 12" Master Precision Square for $20 CAN ($12 US). When I seen it laying amongst a bunch of crap (unprotected) I gave the Auctioneer supreme hell (I bought him a doughnut later). Still got it for nothing - two weeks previous I had paid $380 for a new one (do I feel like a dorque, or what). The used one had no dings, warts, or pimples and checked out fine on the granite. What really annoyed me is the wood case I paid $20 with the new square cost $60 when the next one arrived. You can't win them all...


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            Here's a model that looks simlar to your engine:

            Apparently it was used for portable steam applications. Will keep digging.