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Tool Gloat: Lathe and tooling haul plus question on taper attachment

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  • Tool Gloat: Lathe and tooling haul plus question on taper attachment

    I'll start with a quick tool gloat. I just picked up this Logan 820 and about 500 pounds of tooling and attachments for under $800. Here's a quick example of some of the stuff I scored:

    6 sets of boxes like this completely full of taps, cutters, endmills, reamers, carbide inserts, chuck jaws etc. Here's two:

    Here's about 25% of the morse taper drills:

    Ill continue in the next post.

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    Chucks, knurler, milling attachment, steady rest etc:

    A bunch of jacobs chucks:

    Next up is my taper attachment question...


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      Now that all my gloating is out of the way here is my main question. Is this part of a shop-made taper attachment?
      Here is the main piece...looks shop made, welded etc.

      The curved part mates exactly with the cross-slide which appears to have been modified for this purpose at some point:

      The angle of what would be the carrier can be adjusted with a set screw. If i'm imagining correctly all I am missing is the sine bar this would ride along plus the clamps that would attach to the lathe bed? What else could this be?



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        Dont think it is a taper attach, might have been some sort of convex turning attach if it dosnt actually bolt down to the cross slidel

        Nice lathe. Sell all the lantern toolpost stuff to some poor unsuspecting fool on ebay and get yourself a nice quickchange. I am partial to the Suisse multifix style ones myself.


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          Hey can i have some of your cheap and good tools i pay you


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            Proud machining permanoob since September 2010


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              Yay! The good guys score again!

              (and, you suck)


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                Big time Suckage. Way to go!!

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                  did you catch the guy with a goat ? ? ? ? you really do suck.


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                      That probably is a primitive attempt to home brew a Taper attachment, but it's a long ways from a complete and effective device. You need a "sine bar and clamp" plus a means of un-coupling the cross slide from the cross slide screw. (A larger/more advanced lathe will have a telescoping lead screw instead.)

                      Further, I'm not convinced you have the bore pointed the right direction. It MAY clamp to a shaft on the same axis as the cross slide screw which does incorporate a "slider riding in a sine bar".

                      It's really hard to tell from here...I've had about a dozen lathe taper attachments torn to bits and every one is subtly different, and takes a little study to understand. An incomplete home brew attempt requires extra detective work. I'd put some effort into tracking down pictures and description for the factory attachment.

                      Nice buy in any case though.



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                        Ill take better pics. The cross slide cover removes with two screws that exactly align with the screw holes on this attachment and the actual cross slide appears to have been milled on a rotary table to accept the radius on this attachment as well but its hard to tell for sure. I'll try to actually attach it and show what I mean tomorrow.

                        Good call on selling some stuff. I do plan on selling some of the lantern style tooling as well as some of the drill chucks and a few oddball parts I don't need. I'd love to get a QC toolpost so i'll try to fund that with some of the duplicate tooling.

                        I'll be making cannons with this lathe. Here's the first thing I made with it...not bad for having ZERO lathe experience, IMHO. I've been working with steel for years as i'm a custom knifemaker but never owned a lathe before now.


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                          That looks like a nice haul.
                          On the thought of the taper attachment part, I would say no. I've seen several attempts people have made at home brew taper attachments, all of which have failed mainly because they had no idea how a taper attachment really works, but that piece doesn't even look close. Maybe a stop or center gage of some type.



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                            Okay here are some better pictures of the slide cover, cover removed and this mystery attachment attached. It clearly is designed to go here and follows the carriage as it moves and its also clear some kind of rod is designed to go in the pivoting block at the far end but I dont know what else it would be.


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                              Here are two other DIY taper attachments I saw which made me think this was one as well: