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Here is some rubbery stuff that might work better than Ear Wax.

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  • Here is some rubbery stuff that might work better than Ear Wax.

    Here is some rubbery stuff that might be handy around the shop.

    Mold it like putty and it dries to a nice rubber consistency.
    I might try some to duplicate old radio parts like rubber bumpers.

    Seems damned expensive though.

    (I'm not affiliated)

    Tom M.

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    I messed around with the stuff a couple years ago. I couldnt find much use for it, myself. It was rubbery but did not have a whole lot of strength.


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      I buy the variety pack on a yearly basis as x-mas gifts for friends and family. They usually like it. It takes high temperatures and is (mostly) food safe. It works great for bumpers or adding onto a grip to make it more comfortable. It's not very strong but if you need strength then use epoxy putty. And much like the putty, it's a dielectric. So if you need to re-insulate some ignition cables the stuff is good for about 10,000 volts.


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        You can make a viable substitute for the expensive stuff your self. Make your own Sugru


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          Originally posted by mayfieldtm View Post
          Seems damned expensive though.
          Here's something similar in larger quantities that seems a lot cheaper: