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My Apology to the forum!

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  • My Apology to the forum!

    Just got a PM from a fairly new member (Jan 2013) Quote "Re Its you stop and reliese Re: Stop your crying
    QUOTE=XXX]You know all you do is put your personals on this site to get sympathy. Looks to me you are starting to pay back for all the cheating you and steeling you did in your healthy life[/QUOTE]

    Guys I Xed out the name but I'm sorry if I've offened anyone else on the forum & I'm not looking for sympathy I was just sharing what happened to me & how bored I am. I'll refrain from now on. I realize this member has a problem with me but I thought maybe I have offended others & if so I didn't mean to & am sorry.
    I have tough skin so let me know if I've offended you also. Thanks!
    "Let me recommend the best medicine in the
    world: a long journey, at a mild season, through a pleasant
    country, in easy stages."
    ~ James Madison

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    pft, sour grapes by the sounds of it. It's the internet FFS, if someone doesn't like what you write, they should be more than capable of hitting the back button or avoiding threads you start. As far as I'm concerned online communities like this flourish with the free flow of information - self censoring because someone has a beef can destroy that sense of community. As long as you're not being hateful, bigoted or insulting, who gives a $hit?


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      Being a member to many forums, mailing lists and newsgroups, I have come to develop "fish memory" and "rhino skin". It is very difficult to upset me and it takes me very little time to forget and ignore stuff I don't like.


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        Flylo, no apologie needed in my opinion, i always enjoyed reading your'e posts.

        Don't be worrying about a moron with no life, hopefully someday he'll get his Sh*t sorted out and not waste anymore of his time.


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          Hmm, all I can say for sure is that you haven't offended me!

          So I would agree with the sour grapes comment.



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            Flylo - we all do a little venting like that esp. when something hits the fan and with what your dealing with something hit the fan so send a PM back to that guy and tell him to pour himself a nice tall hot cup of shut the fuque up...


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              Originally posted by flylo View Post
              "Looks to me you are starting to pay back for all the cheating you and steeling you did in your healthy life"
              What a loser. Methinks someone has some serious guilt issues to project that on someone, especially via a cowardly PM.


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                Yeah you have offended me!

                How to become a millionaire: Start out with 10 million and take up machining as a hobby!


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                  As a small group that most don't know personally I think it's ok to hear some personal goings on of members. I don't read all posts because of time restraints but unless you carry on over and over its not an issue with me. I like to hear all your deals tho you suck at some gloats. : ). Get better and don't worry about it.

                  I don't like posting projects because it seems like too many criticize this or that. Some is welcome and some pisses me off so it is what it is.take care


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                    In addition to being a machining forum this has also become a relatively small gathering of like minded "friends". Of course much like in real life not all of us agree on some view points all of the time but such is the spice of life.

                    Also much as in a discussion with real life friends and acquaintances, sometimes we like to celebrate our triumphs as well as our defeats.
                    Nothing wrong with that, it's part of being human.

                    To the person who sent you the PM...get a life jerkoff!
                    Home, down in the valley behind the Red Angus
                    Bad Decisions Make Good Stories​


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                      If you're an offensive guy on this board, I am donald duck.

                      Thank you for all your posts, on topic and "off topic".

                      Guys like you are the life blood of this forum and others like it.

                      Carry on. And don't change a thing.



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                        I enjoy your posts--just knowing a guy that has a hangar full of stuff that I like makes ME happy!

                        There have been numerous posts here by members about their health issues. They think that because of what we write here, we care about each other

                        Learning about Thrud's passing, Alistair's smashed hand, Evan's motation problems... These are all part of being a member of our community. I say keep us updated on what is happening in your lives! Cutting metal isn't everything, it is just a thread that connects us. Blessings to all--Mike.


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                          Hey FlyLo.. I wouldn't sweat it. Some folks just wanna piss and moan for ANY reason. Just forward the appropriate forum address to him in response
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                            It only takes one derogataory post to leave a sour feeling. I mean I have never castigated you for all the gloats you've posted, I've kept my jealous thoughts to myself and made a little doll of you to stickpins in but I would never tell anyone on a public forum that I have done so. So if you've pins and needles in your nether regions you know who to blame.

                            Joe King


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                              I am catching myself beavering away in my workshop, not saying anything about it, and when I do get round to following the forum, writing some bitchy piece criticising what I think is unfair comment.

                              Having said that, I certainly don't think you've been guilty of unfair comment at all, Flylo. Or whining. Or whinging. Or any of that sort of stuff.

                              Boasting, buying too many gloatworthy machines, having far too much luck, maybe, but it's all very readable. Strength to your elbow, and your foot.

                              One very good thing about this forum is that at any one time there's always a few 'talkative' souls around. Get's a bit hairy at times, but it rarely goes too far. You can stay 'talkative' as far as I'm concerned.

                              A few more flying low stories wouldn't go amiss. You know - this lathe reminds me of the day I almost cut the tops of a row of poplars...
                              Richard - SW London, UK, EU.