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  • My assistant weldor!

    So my daughter comes into my shop this afternoon and starts clamping things together on my new welding table. I ask her what's up? She grabs the MIG welding torch and asks me if I am going to teach her how to weld or if she will have to learn it on her own.

    I fitted her with a helmet and showed her what to look for when welding. She thought it was really interesting to see the liquid metal moving around.
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    Awesome!! I'm looking forward to the day I can teach my boys to weld. Youngest is 3, oldest is about to turn 5. Still have a few years to go.


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      I showed this to my younger (16) daughter. She turned up her nose and said, "You wish ! Maybe my sister."

      You're a lucky man she's showing interest.
      Richard - SW London, UK, EU.


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        Good for you and your daughter.

        My 2 daughters were taught the art of using tools.

        My eldest told me about going to a party at University, and some guys from the Agriculture side of the university were talking about welding on their farms.

        She joined in, asked a couple of questions, then came to the conclusion that they did not know what they were doing - that has happened more than once! (She was pretty good with stick welding)

        Just so long as they know how to use a screwdriver, be around big machinery, etc, was the goal.


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          My better half also likes to be in the work room...mainly because she has claimed about half of it hers and overtaken my workbench with her crap She knows how to turn stuff with a lathe, but for some reason I don't let her to mess around with my lathe...
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            Way to go! Design something she can use or wants & let her weld it with your guidance & she'll always treasure it!


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              Curiosity and willingness to try new things... I bet she is doing great at school, too!


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                Only a matter of time now until she builds a boy shearing machine...



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                  God bless me with only two that I have to watch and not a world full that will do harm.

                  One young man that will stand there and stare in wonder as I build of fix. The younger, 15, can do house wiring, auto body, and has learned that if there is something he need to know, start looking in Google or YouTube.

                  Both understand, if you can read and comprehend, that they are better than most of the world. This was the best gift I could give them.


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                    That puts a smile on my face! What she learns from Dad in the shop will stand her in good stead the rest of her life. Be proud.
                    Plain ol Bill


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                      Great post BF, make sure your'e daughter reads all the "positive" comments about her learning to weld!!

                      Congratulations girll!! We are all prpoud of your'e efforts and enthusiasm!!


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                        Cool that she's interested and wants to learn!
                        My 8 yo has his own hood and watches while I weld, I havent let him loose on the torch on his own yet but it can only be a matter of time. He scares me because he's overconfident with everything, so you have to be careful when big things are involved as he'll suddenly decide he knows it all and let rip. He's used my mill and rotab with me standing behind him with my hand on the clutch a couple of times too.


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                          Cool. Just wait until she learns how to TIG weld and out performs her old man (women have better fine motor skills and thus are better at TIG).


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                            That's great. Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than showing my girls (6&9) how to do something I am doing. My biggest hope for my girls is that they continue to be as curious as I am. I hope yours continues.



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                              You and your daughter are both very fortunate.