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End of the Falcon?

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  • End of the Falcon?

    Ford Australia is to close down all production in that country..

    Probably the end of the much loved Falcon Ute...
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    They stopped making the ford falcon 43 years ago in the US. It was a nice little sedan.

    At the end of the project, there is a profound difference between spare parts and extra parts.

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      Yep, I had one. It was a nice little car. A guy backed out onto the highway I was driving on and totaled mine before I could stop. I laid rubber for at least 30 feet trying to stop. Cop looked and said, "Yep, you tried." Gave the other guy the ticket.

      I still miss that car.
      Paul A.
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      Make it fit.
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        End of an era , I wonder what so called "industries " are going to employ the thousands who will be out of work and how big of a bonus the Management get .


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          Ford also pulled the plug on the Ranger. Go figure.


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            And so the world turns.



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              it's sad, but years of protection for the motor industry, followed by a resources boom and flood of smaller more economical imported cars (which most Aussies, despite the "big car for a big country" tosh, actually want) make this somewhat inevitable. Plus the increasingly urbanised newer generations are moving away from the Ford vs. Holden parochialism and buying small Japanese cars.

              It's going to take decades for Australia to rebalance their economy from digging up stuff and selling it to China towards a more sustainable mix, but while the economy keeps growing, unemployment is at historical lows and everyone is getting richer, who'd want to do that?


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                Yeah real bugger.

                My Ford "plumber" ute does what I want it to. Not too high even with ladder etc.. to get into garage at home, not to mention any carpark. Dinkum 1 tonne springs in the back. Only real bugger with it is I'm limited in my choice of tyres cause their gotta be lite truck.

                Now I'm basically expected to buy a 4wd to get what I'm after, which I certainally dont want. Missus will hate it too, cause shes short for starters.

                On the bright side I can still trade up to newer one, at least for next few years.
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                  Had a '63 Falcon "Sprint" ragtop with a V/8. Worst under steering car I ever owned. Otherwise, it was a nice car. Bob.


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                    Originally posted by Bob Fisher View Post
                    Had a '63 Falcon "Sprint" ragtop with a V/8. Worst under steering car I ever owned. Otherwise, it was a nice car. Bob.
                    i had a red rag top 260 v8 4 speed nice car got me through high school


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                      Jatt, that's pretty much how I feel about it too. My early '99 XH XR6 has served me well but we are both getting old! I am retired now and its mostly supermarket trips and the occasional trips out of town so maybe it will see me out, I sure don't want a 4WD or a sedan with a back seat that no one ever sits on.


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                        C'mon Bodger - time to upgrade to a decent ute - get a Holden!

                        P.S. I drive a Territory

                        BUT I own a Chev


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                          Ha ha Crusty, I have had a couple of Holden utes, the first was an HT, new in '69 and the last a new 353 HZ which was really quite a nice ute but the steel deck was a come down after the wooden deck of the HT. When the time came to buy a new ute the Holden man (Williams and Adams in Wellington) gave me a demonstration by driving me once around the block in afternoon traffic. The man over the road at Avery Ford gave us one for the weekend, funny thing, but I became a Ford man right there!


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                            Who made the Futura? I found one in the bush one day as I was hiking up the mountainside.
                            I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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                              Ford Australia made a Futura version of their Falcon, late 60's?