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  • Latest Project & A Gloat

    Hi all.
    Since there seems to be little in the way of projects posted here lately, I thought you might like to see a project I finished recently… and a minor gloat.

    It’s basically a VFD and pendant for the three phase motor I fitted to my pillar drill, the original, single phase motor was making… “Noises” Bearings I suspect. This is yet to be checked.

    The Siemens 0.75 HP VFD came from my workplace. It was about to be thrown out along with another 0.5 HP unit of the same make, because “We don’t use them anymore!”
    Having tested them both out they were found to work perfectly and so this project was hatched when I found a cheap 0.75HP 3 phase motor on Flea Bay for £10.00

    Rather than just do the basic wire it up and run it as is. I decided to give it some thought and came up with a few ideas of my own as follows:

    The main box includes a built in mains filter, built in fan, just to keep things cool and output connectors for the three phase supply, pendant, separate motor fan (for when it’s running slow) and footswitch which will be wired to switch between Jog Forward, Off and Jog Reverse for tapping (Just as soon as the little chinaman delivers it in his row boat) And a switch to select hand controls or foot pedal.

    The most expensive item of the whole project was the GRP box which was £20.00. Most everything else I either had or got cheap.
    Needless to say things like labels and a clean-up are to follow.
    As I say, I just thought you might like to see it. All comments, jokes, suggestions and questions welcomed.

    Just cause it works, don't mean you can't improve it

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    Looks great to me! I bought some VFDs under 1 HP & a 575V 5 HP on Ebay brand new cheap. The small ones I may use but the 575V never.