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O.T. Emerson Lake and Palmer "Lucky Man"

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  • O.T. Emerson Lake and Palmer "Lucky Man"

    It's memorial day weekend and while many of us are hustling and bustling about getting campers ready - boats and barbies and coolers full of goodies ------------ lest we not forget what the weekends really about,
    if you guys get a chance to listen to this tune it really puts things in perspective, no matter where you live the meanings universal...

    and if someone knows how to post a link then all the better...

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    Great tune.


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        Thanks for the memory AK, That song said a lot back then and it still does. Had a roomy in college who had a really expensive strereo and it seems towards the end there were some really low bass notes, really rattled the speakers, probably nothing these days. Bob


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          That's the goods, thanks for posting the links you guys and thanks to all those amazing selfless people who serve and have given their all for us...


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            Hey thanks AK, Highpower and Tony. Brought back some memories. I was in my early teens and had a small "ghetto blaster" that I used to walk with while going to friends houses to party. I had just one cassette tape and one of the songs was "Lucky Man". I always cranked the box up to full and the song still resonates in my head.

            I forget sometimes. Memorial Day is about remembering our Ladies and Men that gave it all. They didn't have to. They could have sat at home and watched it on TV, or read about it in the News Papers, or heard it on the radio. Our Military is one thing. Our Military Men and Women are very diff. They are Mothers, Fathers, Sons and Daughters. They are people where the Military is a machine.

            I have love for our Service folks. Remember them, those that took it to the end. Its not hotdogs and hamburgers and an extra day off from work (although that is nice). Take a sec during the weekend to just remember. A minute of silent thought kinda puts it all into prospective. Thanks AK for grounding ME. I needed that. JR
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              We all are Lucky or blessed & have lots to be thankful for. I wish all my friends a Happy & Safe Memorial Day. Thanks AK!


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                And the story behind the picture:




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                  A good and sobering reminder of the cost of our freedoms.



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                    Good one!
                    We dont have a memorial day up here in canuckland, we have remembrance day on November 11 and most dont even get the day off....
                    My family always does our own thing in April to remember my great uncle whom died in WW1 and is buried at Vimmy in France.
                    I make a point of teaching my kids to be thankful for our freedoms and those who make the ultimate sacrifice to make it happen...
                    Lest we forget...


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                      Thanks AK for that very important reminder as to what Memorial Day should be celebrated and remembered for.
                      Also want to thank wendtmk for the poster and link to what unfortunately is all too often the case when it comes to the significance of this holiday.

                      Been a long time since I lived in the US but I still have strong roots and ties there. "Lucky Man" has always had a very strong emotional impact on me as it was first released during the middle of the Viet Nam era, a time that was very hard for myself and our family.

                      I have always been amazed that this very insightful song was written by Greg Lake when he was only 12 years old.
                      Hopefully this insight will be rekindled in the hearts of those that take the time to listen to it's words again today. It's intrinsic message is timeless.
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                        I'm sorry to say I just can't hear/ understand the words to most music, seems the music blocks them out. I suppose this is because I must have a hearing problem. I've always liked the song but just never could actually hear the words. I may catch a few words here and there, but can't catch enough to get meaning from it.

                        Is there anywhere to look for the words to this song and a lot of others for that matter.



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                          Call off the search, seems all I had to do was type the name of the song in a search, it was at the top of the list.

                          Thanks AK Boomer for bringing it up and Highpower for posting it.
                          I will go back and listen to it again while I have the words.
                          I think of the lives lost in wars a lot, my dad and all his brothers fought in WWII, my dad was a Marine Raider and fought in the So Pacific. He and the uncles came back in one piece mostly, but thay all seemed reluctant to talk about what the experienced. I can only imagine!!

                          And today I'll visit the graves of a few and honor their service as well as those who didn't come back.



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                            Thanks For sharing GG and the rest,
                            Willy that is an amazing fact I did not know about Greg Lake - 12 years old, Wow,
                            Just coming off of a three day fast after the weekend, people zig and I zag it's just something I do lol

                            Out of the 7 boys in my family only one was drafted to serve and it was in V.N. ---- by far in many ways the most brilliant of all of us and down right "rain man" scary with numbers - that's polar opposite of who I am, needless to say he's suffered immensely ever since and continues to have great struggles to this day, it seems one does not always have to catch a bullet to be deeply wounded.

                            Im also grateful this post did not go sour and it very well could have but Like J.Rouche stated right off --- this is not about the sometimes misguided "machine" ,
                            it's about some of the most amazing people on the planet, that had great lives and everything in the world going for them...