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Online source for 4" OD XXH pipe?

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  • Online source for 4" OD XXH pipe?

    I want to build a right-angle head for my mill using plans from an online newsletter. It calls for 3 types of pipe:

    1 piece – 4 OD x 0.636 Wall x 3 7/8
    3 ½ XXH pipe

    1 piece – 1 5/8 OD x 1 3/8 ID x 1 7/8
    1 piece – 1 5/8 OD x 1 3/8 ID x 5/16

    I learned via google that XXH is the extra heavy stuff. I haven't been able to find it online.
    I have no local metal suppliers, or metal recycler that will let me dig through their stuff.
    The Tucson metal suppliers made it clear via email that they don't deal with hobbyists.
    So I need an online source for short pieces.
    Absolutely last resort would be a place in Phoenix that sells short pieces to individuals. (That's $55 in gas and 3 hours driving each way just to the south side, so it is really not the option I want.)


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    Speedymetals,they carry heavy wall DOM tubing-
    I just need one more tool,just one!


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      Thanks, I checked them out and they don't have XXH. They have a lot of the DOM but the measurements aren't the same.


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        Joe, as a last resort, you could order the DOM tubing from Speedy Metals in the 4"OD, 2.500" ID with a .750" wall. If I read your material list right, it shouldn't be too big of a job to bore the ID to the dimension you want.

        You can buy a few inches of pipe from Speedy Metals where buying it from a regular pipe yard will most likely necessitate buying a full joint.

        You might try online metals also.

        Good luck,



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          Between the link wierdscience posted and these two, you should be set (you just need to bore them out some, OD is there and wall thickness is heaver then you need).


          They also have this (1-5/8-od-x-120-wall) for the 1 5/8 OD x 1 3/8 ID, .005 thinner wall thickness... dont know if that would matter for your project (ID being .010 bigger), would save you from boring.

          If im reading this sites chart correctly, 3-1/2 XXH pipe has a wall thickness of .636

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            3-1/2" pipe

            Finding 3-1/2" pipe in any wall thickness is not going to be easy. 'Spent 42 years in the piping industry, and the only place I saw 3-1/2" anywhere was OLD installations. Bear in mind that pipe's OD is not sacred. When you are threading pipe the outside diameter could be .020" under-size and neither the dies nor the fittings would know the difference. If you need 4.000" buy the tube.

            Even if you find 3-1/2”, finding anything other than schedule 40 (standard wall thickness) will be tough indeed.

            If you need less than 21' no supplier will be of much help.... like none. None of my old suppliers would sell pipe by the foot.

            Resign yourself to boring out a piece to what ever you need

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            but you may have to


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              I agree with the posts above - buy the DOM... Bore or redesign.


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                Why not just machine it from solid? Get some durabar and go at it. By the time you mess around with finding it you will be done.

                Better yet, if it is just a generic r-8 3-3/8" right angle head, just get one off ebay. They sell pretty cheap and will have the right bearings, be square, and run true. I dont see any for a decent price now, I think I ended up selling my for about $200.


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                  Can you give a link to the plans?
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                    It's from a metalworking club in Southeast Texas:

                    The newsletter link is on the left and the date is Sep 2011.


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                      Originally posted by JoeEM View Post
                      I want to build a right-angle head for my mill using plans from an online newsletter. It calls for 3 types of pipe:

                      1 piece – 4 OD x 0.636 Wall x 3 7/8
                      3 ½ XXH pipe

                      1 piece – 1 5/8 OD x 1 3/8 ID x 1 7/8
                      1 piece – 1 5/8 OD x 1 3/8 ID x 5/16

                      Joe, try Specialty Pipe and Tube
                      I've used them in the past and they were very helpful.
                      I have an old (2010-2012) stocklist that shows 3 1/2" pipe in that and other wall thicknesses, I don't know if they have smaller sizes or not , smallest shown in this cat is 2 7/8 OD.