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Buying tools overseas- not always as they seem.

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  • Buying tools overseas- not always as they seem.

    Hi All

    Back in 2011 while on a holiday I purchased some small tools from the local suppliers in Singapore, I have used most of them and they have been of good quality. A couple of weeks ago I needed a fraction sized metric drill so I opened my Presto 1-5.9mm HSS drill set, what a disappointment the drill had huge run out, I tried a couple of others and they were all varying degrees of run out. Over the years I have used drills from this firm on a number of occasions and they have been of good quality. I looked up the manufacturers contact details and sent an email off. I received a prompt response from the Product Development Officer a Mr Andrew Rycoft requesting further details and stating that he would sort it out. I then sent photos of the drill set,the business I brought the drills from, date of purchase and address. A couple of days later I received a reply from Andrew informing me that the drills I had purchased were not theirs, they were fakes. He also stated that Presto would be making further enquiries in Singapore to find the source. He also said that he would be replacing my drill set F.O.C. A short time later I received another email detailing the dispatch details and tracking number for the replacements. That is a first class supplier. Presto had no obligation to do that, I am impressed. We will all have to be on the lookout for more of these drill sets as I am sure they will be about. I have added a couple of photos to make identifying the fake sets a bit easier. The fakes are in a grey case, the genuine ones in a mid blue.
    Details of the posts results and photos can be seen here.

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    I can't access the photos at that link without logging in.
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      Here are the pictures that are in the link you cannot access.Sorry for the delay in responding, been busy.


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        Interesting. Kinda suspect they just screened the Presto logo onto some existing drill sets laying around, based on the two different colors. Also looks like some of the small details of the logo (like the O) are just a little "off" not to mention the much cheaper packaging. Unfortunately it pays to be suspicious these days.