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Credit Card Blockage, Anyone else?

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  • Credit Card Blockage, Anyone else?

    I have been having difficulty the last 2 weeks ordering shop supplies because my credit card has been blocked by my bank. Last week I placed an order in Texas and the vendor said my credit card failed. I gave them my Debit card and they said it failed as well. Called my bank and they said all credit card transaction from New York, Texas, and Kentucky are block because of the high number of fraud cases in those states.

    Tried 5 days ago to place an order at ENCO and again, credit card is blocked because Indiana is now on the credit card fraud list. Today at the local US post office, again people have their credit cards blocked. Just now at another branch of my bank, another customer told me they are having credit card blocks.

    Is this a local issue? If this continues our economy could suffer.

    Does anyone have a solution? My only solution is to open up accounts with my Vendors and pay monthly with a check sent by snail mail.
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    I see nothing in the news about this. I suggest you check with your credit card company and find out if you are being defrauded. If somebody else has placed a large amount on your account you will be blocked if it raised any flags.
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      When I checked into a Marriott in Dallas 2 weeks ago, my Discover card was declined. When I called to inquire as to why they said that there were many fraudulent charges placed from Texas. I gave them my itinerary and had no further problems.



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        I had my gas credit card denied and I got a letter from the Bank of America stating my account was locked. The credit card was legitimate, the company was investigating a couple hundred dollars worth of diesel fuel charged to my card (I don't own a diesel), and the Bank of America message was an attempt to get my passwords and social security number. The big tip-off was the people who sent me the "locked" message didn't know the last Bank of America account I had was closed 22 years ago. And then along comes a message, from American Express....They requested my social security number, passcodes and other account information to "update" my American Express account....which was also closed 25 years ago. Lordy, Lordy, have the scammers been busy? None of them got any information from me, even though they promised terrible retribution.
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          About a month ago the fraud bureau of VISA called me up and asked if I had made four purchases at a store I had never heard of in a place I had never heard of. When I said no, they blocked the card and told me how to file a fraud report to get credit for those four transactions. I had to get a new card, of course. I was reasonably impressed, though, that their "suspicious" algorithm flagged those charges and they notified me.

          Seems as though it must be very easy to steal numbers, since the problem appears to be huge.

          One of my cards offers a "notification of use" service. You can set it up so you get an e-mail whenever a charge greater than some amount is made on the card. I've got the threshold value set at $!.00, so I get notified about everything. It will let me catch any fraud early on, assuming I check each notification.
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            That explains alot. I have had a Discover since they started & a month ago I was checking it online & noticed the last didits they show were different, so I called & they wouldn't tell me who but someone I buy from had a breach, Suprised me no one called. I placed a nice order with Cabelas which was overdue so I called & had to talk to security because ammo has been in short supply & 22 shells have a one box a day limit so everyday I order a box ship to store, so it showed lots of charges. I wonder who's behind this?


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              I just now had a call from my wife telling me to expect a charge on one of my cards that we share. Pay Pal would not accept her private card as it seemed to be blocked. Must be something going on.
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                Perhaps my PayPal rant was related to this.
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                  Originally posted by outback View Post
                  Called my bank and they said all credit card transaction from New York, Texas, and Kentucky are block because of the high number of fraud cases in those states.
                  Preposterous. I work in the credit card industry and I'm in KY. Business as usual.


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                    Tony I knew I shouldn't have taken Ky plastic for the SB Just kidding!
                    Originally posted by Tony Ennis View Post
                    Preposterous. I work in the credit card industry and I'm in KY. Business as usual.


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                      I wonder if there has been a *MAJOR* breach they are keeping under wraps.

                      Yaknow, Another 200 million account breach like the sony hack.
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                        Here's something that popped up. Apparently, the cause of mass blocking could be that a merchant processing system was hacked. It must be on the hush-hush as I couldn't find anything else about it.

                        Published: May 21, 2013 at 3:22 p.m. PDT

                        The Whatcom Educational Credit Union has been informing its members that it was experiencing a high volume of counterfeit transactions from stolen debit and credit card numbers and it is blocking transactions in some states outside Washington.

                        WECU is telling members that if they are experiencing problems with their card being blocked while traveling out of state, they can call toll free at 800-525-8703.

                        The problem appears to be that a merchant's system was compromised, but WECU was waiting for confirmation on that, said Kessa Volland, marketing manager at WECU.

                        Volland said the states they are card blocking changes as they learn about fraudulent charges. In-state transactions and online orders where the users enter a personal identification number have not been affected

                        Read more here:
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                          Just bought almost $1000 of aluminum with my credit card from West Metals in Evansville, IN with no problems. Delivered it to me here in KY yesterday.


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                            Doc, you building a traler or a space shuttle?


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                              $1000 worth of aluminum- at the prices these days he's probably just building a bracket or something
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