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Large spiral taper reamer

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  • Large spiral taper reamer

    Today I was given this large (by my standards) spiral taper reamer. It has an MT3 drive, its large dia is 53mm, small dia is 42.5mm, length is 76mm, included angle by calculation is 7.5°.

    Does this type of reamer have a special name and where were they typically used?

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    I was about say pipe thread reamer but the angle is too great. BIG stuff! Can't help but to give it a bump.


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      That looks like something which could clean up the taper in the head of my South Bend.
      Vitَria, Brazil


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        Think I saw one being used on boiler end plates where the tubes are supported on the TV a long time ago, it was set up in a large arch dale radial arm drill, looks like a big core drill so perhaps similarly named ? Core reamer, plug, but just guessing, my feeling is that it would not take the torque of heavy cutting so it must be a light finish operation tool otherwise it would have a bigger MT on the end, I have several reamers up to 3" that are MT5 and more, but I have not got a lathe at home to use them in anymore, the old engineering workshops where I haunted had big ol cravens and DSG lathes that would snap them like 1/8" drill bits if you screwed up.


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          You should sharpen it before you use it...
          " you not think you have enough machines?"


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            It can't be for particularly heavy-duty use, the tiny taper shank wouldn't hold it. most likely. (As if MT3 is "tiny"). The leverage of the reamer against the friction in the taper looks like an unequal fight.... So it should be a finish reamer , if that helps any.

            Look for things that take that taper....No idea what they might be.

            Keep eye on ball.
            Hashim Khan


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              It might be a finish reamer for a large quarter turn plug valve.


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                De-burring tool? JR
                My old yahoo group. Bridgeport Mill Group



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                  Nose hair trimmer, as seen on tv.