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Parts for a Logan 820

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  • Parts for a Logan 820

    I have, on offer, the following parts for the apron of a Logan 820. If you want them, you take them all; I have no interest in onesies and twosies. You cant beat the price-pay the postage.
    The parts are listed with Logan part numbers and seem to apply to serial numbers ABOVE 50842; However, I comared them to my old 38992, and they were the same parts. I guess any changes were to do with the clutch and threading works.
    LA-548-1------------ gear and shaft
    LA-551-A-1-----------idler gear assembly
    LA-559---------------lock guide
    LA-554-A-------------eccentric assembly
    LA-562-A-------------worm c/w key
    LA-565---------------worm bushings (2)
    Total weight will be about six pounds.
    How did I get them? Well, Russ form Winnipeg sent them to me in exchange for a MLA cross-slide casting. I exchanged the worm, (not the bushings,) and thought that, fair is fair, I would offer them to whoever needs them.
    PM me if you want them.
    Duffy, Gatineau, Quebec

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    A very generous offer Duffy! I have a 820 but don't need any parts. I will pass for someone that has a pressing need. Thanks again, Bob.