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Can someone id these tool holders

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  • Can someone id these tool holders

    I was wondering if someone could id these holders. I got them with a lathe I purchased and assume they were used with it but I am not sure. I have had no luck looking though google images. This one is made by Nikken and has a number NQM3-35 on it. The inside of this one is tapered, the others I have are just straight bores. The outside slips back and releases tension on the balls inside. This one is spring loaded the others just slide back and forth with no spring. I will most likely be getting rid of them but I don't even know where to begin researching them. Thanks in advance.

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    It's called a magic chuck and it works with a set of adapters or collets to swap tools while the machine is running. I first saw them used on a radial drill for center drilling, drilling and reaming holes. The part in the photo is the chuck body and has a sleeve that slides like a quick disconnect on an air hose. The balls engage depressions in the adapters to drive the adapter with a tool in it.

    In use, you turn on the drill, lift the sleeve, insert an adapter with tool and let the sleeve down. The body grabs the adapter and drives the tool. When the operation is done, you raise the drill spindle, grab and lift the sleeve and remove the adapter with tool. Then the next tool in an adapter is inserted in the body and the sleeve is lowered again and the second operation starts.

    The adapter has a smooth area where you can grab the adapter without cutting yourself.

    In a lathe, it goes in the tailsock and allows you to set up a series of tools in adapters and quickly swap them out, kind of like a tailstock turret.

    The magic chuck really speeds up repetitive sequences of tool changes.


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      Thanks. Are people still using them? Are they worth anything without the adapters?


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        Originally posted by Jpfalt View Post
        It's called a magic chuck

        The magic chuck really speeds up repetitive sequences of tool changes.
        I don't know if the term "magic chuck" is unique to Collis Tool, but their Magic chucks use straight sided adapters, unlike these which are tapered.

        I think DoAll made/sold a system like this at one time, but I thought it had only one row of balls.

        These look much more like this


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          ^^^^^This is the only one I have that is tapered, all the others are straight and I think they may be from Collis Tool.