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mirror image helical cutters

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  • mirror image helical cutters

    I have a potential project in mind which would require a pair of mirror image helical cutters mounted side by side. Basically it needs to clear out a slot about 3/4 inch wide, and do a nice job on all three edges. Maximum depth of the slot would be about 1/4 inch, and a cutter diameter of 1 to 1-1/2 inch would work.

    Actually, the tool is for clearing out rabbets, which are not slots per se, but the tool gets used in both left hand and right hand modes. The rabbets are normally 1/2 to 3/4 wide, so a 3/4 diameter cutter is wide enough. Having a 1 inch wide total cutter would be ok also. Is there such a cutter made that I could then mount side by side to get a positive rake on both sides?

    I should mention that it will be cutting pvc edge tape, but it should have carbide teeth for long life. Straight teeth would tend to fold the material because the portion being trimmed has nothing behind it to back it up.

    To further illuminate the cutter idea- imagine taking a right hand and a left hand 1 inch diameter carbide end mill and slicing off a 3/8 or 1/2 inch thick disc from each. These get mounted side by side on a shaft, which then gets mounted on bearings, fitted with a belt, all in a handle with a motor and a guide plate (sole). The guide plate is the exact width of the cutter assembly. Whether you use it left side or right side, the cutter teeth would present a positive rake angle to the work.
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