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Craftsman machinist box drawer removal

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  • Craftsman machinist box drawer removal

    I admit defeat, how the heck do you get the drawers out of the box?

    I expected the part of the drawer that engages the tab on the slide to push inward but it won't move.

    I used a screwdriver to check for a lever to lift or depress but no dice.

    I don't see any way to remove the slide.

    Not enough wiggle room to ease it past the tab.

    Anybody know the "trick"

    Here is a picture of the slide and drawer

    Thanks, Jim

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    Some drawer slides use a shim to slide between the slide and drawer. About 5" long with a short bend 1/2" long installed facing the slide. My tools provided by the mfgr. also had a handle bend on the same side of the shim that is 1" long to prevent over installing the shim. 3/8" banding steel would work. Allows the catch to slide past the stop.


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      There is a U shaped stamped tab in the side of the drawer that catches on the V shaped depression. Take a small screwdriver and maybe a small hammer and bend the tab to clear the V.
      I have a Craftsman chest set and had to do that to remove the drawers to lighten the cabnet to move it rather than unload each drawer. When replacing, slide the drawer back in place and bend the tabs back out enough to again catch on the V.
      If you don't understand I could take some pictures.



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        Use a thin piece of spring steel and slide it in between the drawer and the rail until it goes past those notches. Make sure the drawer is pushed in slightly so the notches aren't in contact with each other. You can do it one side at a time, but it is easier if you have a pair of blades and do both at the same time. Once they are in past the notches you can pull the drawer out.
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          Open the drawer fully, hold the rear section and slide the drawer in about a quarter inch. Use two screwdrivers or similar, press in through the holes on each side and slide the drawer out.

          For safety sake, they have a double catch method, when the drawer is full out, the spring portion presses against a piece inside the slider. It is supposed to keep the drawer from accidentally sliding closed, a poor man's hold open device.